Nice melons! Fruity glitter boobs trend takes Instagram by storm

Want to stand-out during festival season?

This eye-popping glitter boobs trend could be for you.

Go Get Glitter debuted a watermelon design on Instagram this week – much to the delight of its followers.

Go Get Glitter is the brains behind the bedazzled boobs.

Stylists applied pink glitter to a model’s chest, replicating the look of a watermelon.

Next, they paid homage to the fruit’s skin by outlining the melons with white and green body paint.

Small gemstones were used to represent the seeds, giving the glittery breasts a more realistic feel.

This isn’t the only fruity festival trend to take off in recent months.

Previously, Go Get Glitter created a Pineapple Boobs design.

Gold glitter was used to replicate the spiky food, while green mimicked the leaves.

In another fashion craze, a model sported glitzy avocados on her chest.

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