Alexander Armstrong: Pointless host misses Kilimanjaro reunion due to wife – Here’s why

Pointless host Alexander Armstrong, 49, Dani Dyer, 23, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 27, were absent from Ed Ball’s gathering with the Mount Kilimanjaro team at the weekend. The former politician was joined by Shirley Ballas, 58, Dan Walker, 42, Osi Umenyiora, 37, and Anita Rani, 41, with the Strictly Come Dancing judge sharing a video of their reunion on Instagram. The team climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief back in February, raising £2.7 million for the charity. Within the video, former Strictly star Ed revealed why Alexander, Dani and Leigh-Anne were absent from the reunion.

Zander – his partner Hannah is not very well

Ed Balls

He explained: “Dani is back from filming, Zander [Alexander] his partner Hannah is not very well and Leigh-Anne is massively hungover from the FA Cup Final.”

Alexander married Hannah Bronwen Snow in 2003 and the pair have three children together.

Shirley shared the video on her Instagram page with 122,000 followers.

Standing in the middle of the group, she began: “We are all back together for lunch at Ed’s house, so we are very excited about that.”

She added: “We are just reliving some memories and we are very excited to be here together again and do our work for Comic Relief.”

Shirley then handed the chat over to Dan, who added: “It’s been lovely being together, we are a few short, aren’t we?

“Shirley has already said the next reunion will be at her new pad.”

He then looked at the BBC judge and said: “Ed has set the standard on the food here, so the menu has got to be good.”

Following the group’s climb earlier this year, Alexander reacted to a Twitter user who claimed they felt “uneasy” seeing celebrities asking the nation to donate towards Comic Relief.

The Pointless host shared a picture of himself and the team to his Twitter page following their impressive efforts.

His post promoted one Twitter user to question the team’s intentions and said he felt “uneasy” about the situation.

They commented: “Congratulations. But I do feel a bit uneasy about wealthy people doing something that 99 per cent of the population will never be able to do and asking those people who are less wealthy than them to give more money.

“Why not a celeb and a bunch of Joe public?”(sic)

Hitting back, Alexander explained: “It all boils down to what is the most effective way of raising money Tony.

“The relevant issue is how many people we collectively inspired to donate.

“We raised £2.7M so I guess it was a lot of people,” he added.

“What our personal wealth is seems like a red herring to me. But thank you.”

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