Hailey Baldwin Is ‘Proud’ of Justin Bieber for Opening Up About His Struggles, Loves Him More

AceShowbizHailey Baldwin can’t help but fall even deeper with Justin Bieber after he got candid about his struggle on social media. The “Despacito” hitmaker took to Instagram earlier this month, telling his fans that he had “been struggling a lot.” Hailey, who had admitted to her own issues with anxiety and insecurity, is said to be feeling proud of him for his honesty.

“Hailey is proud of Justin for being so open about his struggles, she knows it takes a lot of courage and is scary,” a source close to the 22-year-old model tells HollywoodLife.com. “He has her full support, the same way he supported her when she opened up and shared about her battle with anxiety.”

The source goes on saying. “They have each other’s backs and going through these challenging times has only brought them closer together. Hailey also believes very strongly in the power of prayer. She knows Justin does too and that his request came from the heart. When he gets vulnerable like that it only makes her love him more.”

The Canadian singer seems to get better now as he took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 12 to share a slew of cute videos of him while traveling with his wife. In one of the clips, the Biebz received multiple kisses on the cheek then on the lips from his support system.

Justin, who sports beard now, followed the video with two other hilarious yet adorable ones. One of them featured the Canadian star waiting in an intersection in what seemed like a hotel, waiting for his wife to go down as he was ready to scare her.

He was feeling that someone was coming, so he screamed once a figure who come out. But it turned it was a man holding several boxes instead of Hailey. Justin quickly apologized, and the man was just laughing and telling him that Hailey would soon coming up. Justin finally got to surprise his wife and earned a playful kick for his action.

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