Costa staff reveal VERY fussy and most annoying customer demands in secret Facebook group

NEXT time you're in Costa, spare a thought for the baristas – as they've revealed what it's really like to work at the UK's biggest coffee chain.

Employees have shared the very fussy and incredibly annoying requests they get from customers – and it might make you think twice before ordering your next skinny lacto-free extra-hot latte with three kinds of syrup.

More than 20,000 current and ex-Costa workers vent their frustrations in a secret Facebook group called "you know you work for Costa when…."

Now the group has been infiltrated and it's full of staff members sharing their pet hates, reports MailOnline.

From very strange requests to annoying customer habits, some of the things the public have asked for will shock you.

Here, we share the funniest and most outrageous orders from the coffee machine front line.

Weird requests

"OK, so I think my weird customer request has just reached top notch level. Just had a guy ask for a glass of water but he wanted cream on top. I nearly hurled it in his face."

Some like it cold

"Today I got asked for a 'large, skinny, wet latte with an extra shot of coffee with vanilla, cinnamon hazelnut and caramel syrup, heated to just 120F (48.8C)'."

Over-complicated orders

"New one tonight…two large lattes both with skinny coconut milk, one with extra coconut, but both with two extra shots of Americano."

Costa Spring Menu 2019: Food

HERE'S what food is on offer, the prices as well as the calories per portion.

Sweet menu:

Cornflake Nest (296 calories) – from £1.95

Choc-O-Crunch (238 calories) – from £1.95

Cocoa Snackwafer (223 calories) – from £1.20

Vanilla Snackwafer (230 calories) – from £1.20

Gluten Free Vegan Fruity Flapjack (251 calories) – from £1.80

Gluten Free Raspberry & Coconut Bar (287 calories) – from 1.80

Savoury menu:

Berry Bircher (259 calories) – from £2.35

Cheese Scone (391 calories) – from £2.49

Cheese Twist (327 calories) – from £1.99


Super specific requests

"Can I have a large and a medium latte but I want them both over 180F (82C) and without any foam?"

Bargain avoiders

"Me: Sorry sir, I've accidentally made you a medium skinny latte instead of a small, but have it anyway and I won't charge you for the difference. Customer: No, I want a small – remake it for me. My head: Are you dizzy?"

Toilet duty

"If I had 25p for every time someone "had an accident" in the toilet…"

Annoying customers

"C: 'Can I have a tomato and cheese panini please?' Me: 'No problem. All our sandwiches are in the fridge, if you just want to help yourself.' C: 'Oh. So do I have to bring it to you?'"

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