Oh, by the Way, We Found the Perfect Napping Spot: This Net Over the Ocean in the Maldives


Hammocks are great and all, but what about drifting off to the sound of the sea while suspended directly above it? Both serene and perhaps slightly scary, it’s actually a possibility at Grand Park Kodhipparu in the Maldives. The remote island resort houses 120 villas, each of which comes with a private pool and net floating above the water. For this reason, as you can imagine, the resort has become a popular destination for influencers and bloggers looking to fill their feeds with travel inspiration.

Apart from the Instagram-friendly net, the resort also boasts three restaurants, various outdoor excursions, and, well, that view! In case you were curious, Grand Park Kodhipparu is a 20-minute boat ride from Malé, which is the capital of the Maldives and its most populated city. Rooms start at around $400 a night, which isn’t exactly a steal, but hey, how many hotel rooms come with all of the above? Get lost in the stunning photos ahead.

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