Wait, Did You Miss the Night King's Army Forming the Stark Sigil Last Season?

Okay, so the internet is currently spiraling over a new Game of Thrones theory that the Night King is a Targaryen, and therefore the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The full theory is available to traumatize you right this way, but the TL;DR version is as follows:

Fans recently remembered that only Targaryens (like Jon Snow and his aunt/lover Daenerys) are able to ride dragons. And, um, in Game of Thrones Season 7, the Night King killed Viserion and hoped right TF up on his cold, dead, icy back without a problem. But wait, there’s more: the Night King has also been leaving creepy body spirals everywhere (my dude, are you okay?) which look identical to the Targaryen dragon sigil.

I’m convinced the night king is a Targaryen and he is coming to claim the throne. Only a Targaryen can ride a dragon #GameofThones pic.twitter.com/iUOmc6QiKS

Okay, cool, fine. But before you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that there’s also plenty of evidence the Night King is a Stark. Specifically, thanks to a scene from the final moments of Game of Thrones Season 7 which made the rounds when it went down in 2017. In the scene, we get a shot of the White Walkers marching through the wall, and they legit form the Stark sigil as they’re walking.

As a reference, here’s what the Stark sigil looks like:

Yup, it’s pretty damn similar. And coupled with the ever-popular Bran Is the Night King theory, I’m thinking there’s a better chance this cold-hearted dude’s backstory lies with wolves not dragons. You?

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