Emmerdale spoilers: Star teases DANGEROUS return for villain ‘Could still be out there’

Ellis Chapman star Asan N’Jie has hinted fans haven’t seen the last of troublemaker and dangerous villain Max on the ITV soap.

Ellis and his brother Billy (Jay Kontzle) have been constantly at loggerheads since the latter’s release from prison.

Upon his arrival in Emmerdale, it wasn’t long before Billy was followed by his old friend and sometimes nemesis Max.

The hardened criminal was convinced Billy would still be the same wayward soul he’d always been and attempted to talk him into helping him out on a job.

Luckily, Billy is still trying to do his best to be a changed man after doing his time behind bars, and it’s helped by having his brother Ellis in his corner.

Now though, while Ellis is still recovering from his stab wound after the horrific events during the Big Night Out scenes, the actor may have revealed the storyline isn’t over yet.

Ellis wasn’t stabbed by Max or his friends but rather a completely different enemy, so Max’s return could set in motion a completely different storyline.

Max was out for revenge against the brothers in the Big Night Out episodes in April, but this ultimately proved to be a red herring as Ellis was later stabbed by two other enemies of Billy.

Emmerdale is set to explore the aftermath of the events next week, and Ellis continues to struggle to cope with panic attacks and anxiety after his ordeal.

We don’t actually know what happened to Max, so he could still be out there

Asan N’Jie

Ellis then starts imagining Max is still lingering in the village, just waiting for his next moment to strike.

Max then starts sending texts to Billy again, and alarm bells are raised.

But will Max actually come back to the soap? Or is his terror taking place off-screen?

Speaking  to Digital Spy, Asan teased: “We don’t actually know what happened to Max.

“So he could still be out there.

“[But] we don’t know what Max’s next move could be.”

“It’s definitely going to be an eventful one,” the actor continued. “And we’re going to have to see where the journey pans out with it all.

Asan speculated the traumas could bring Ellis and Billy closer together, referencing their “near-death experience”.

Ellis is also currently involved in Victoria Barton’s (Isabel Hodgins) ongoing storyline, after she told him about her rape trauma.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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