Is Dawn Taylor stalking Harriet Finch in Emmerdale and what does she have against the vicar?

HARRIET Finch is being terrorised by an unseen stalker, who has left the vicar shaken. She’s already been robbed and had her home and church vandalised and tonight she starts receiving creepy phone calls.

Bob Hope points the finger at Dawn Taylor – but is she really the one behind the campaign of terror? Here’s what we know…

Is Dawn stalking Harriet in Emmerdale?

While Bob Hope is adamant that Dawn is the one putting the fear of God into Harriet after seeing her on the phone, Harriet isn’t convinced. And neither are we.

It seems too obvious for Dawn to be the culprit after having a huge row with Harriet just before she was mugged earlier this month.

Harriet used to work with the police, so it’s more likely to be someone from her past with a grudge who is stalking her.

And when Harriet found a photo smashed in her home last week, she seemed to realise exactly who is behind the stalking.

What does Dawn have against Harriet?

Harriet and Dawn do have their issues. When Dawn was a child Harriet was in a relationship with her dad, so Dawn saw Harriet as a mother figure.

But Harriet was only with Dawn’s dad as part of a police sting.

When the job was over Harriet had to leave Dawn and didn’t see her again. Until Dawn arrived in Emmerdale with a drug addiction and a job in prostitution.

Harriet tried to make it up to Dawn and has helped her get back on her feet and kick drugs.

But then Harriet accidentally got Dawn fired from her job at the Sharma factory and the two women had a blazing row in the Woolpack. Shortly after this Harriet was attacked and robbed, and Dawn was the prime suspect.

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