Poldark season 5 spoilers: Aidan Turner speaks out on playing old man Ross in the future

When the BBC series returns fans are going to be desperate to know exactly how their favourite couple Ross (played by Aidan Turner) and Demelza Poldark (Eleanor Tomlinson) will end their story.

Long-time fans of Winston Graham’s original novels know there is plenty more material to come for the pair, as the story heads into their older years and makes their grown-up children the focus.

Yet Debbie Horsfield and the cast and crew made a collective decision to end the screen adaptation with Aidan, Eleanor and the rest of the cast at their current ages, prompting outcry from upset fans.

Now though, The Hobbit and Being Human star Aidan has revealed he hasn’t completely shut the door on his character and Cornwall’s journey just yet, and maybe never will.

“Never say never…” the Irish actor told The Times newspaper.

“It would be silly, though, to say that it’s completely off the table.”

While a cryptic answer, it could be encouraging for fans who are hopeful Aidan will one day reprise his career-defining role.

Asked if he thought it was the right time to end the series though, he insisted it was.

“It feels storywise that this is the right time,” Aidan said. “It just seemed the right time in every possible way.

“It has been an incredible journey for all of us… but it’s a long shoot.

It would be silly to say that it’s completely off the table

Aidan Turner

“I think we’re all ready to do other things.”

The star went on to say what he still loves about his character, and how he’s grown over the years, calling him a “real” and “flawed” individual.

And when it came to what he wouldn’t miss about doing the series, Aidan eventually admitted there was nothing he “hated” or “despited” on the show.

The actor even said he’s used to early mornings, so the long days on set weren’t an issue for him.

But in terms of the heart wrenching final scenes the actor shared with his co-star of five years, Eleanor, Aidan was pleased it was just the two of them as it brought them full circle.

“That last day I think it was just myself and Eleanor in the bedroom at Nampara,” Aidan recalled. “Which was lovely.”

“It felt like the right way to finish and probably the right place as well.

“Yeah, it was quite emotional, and it was lovely just to be with her”.

Will Ross and Demelza have a happy ending in the season five finale? Or will there be a devastating twist ahead?

Poldark returns to BBC One next month.

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