Scotland ‘disowns’ Anton Danyluk over Love Island antics: ‘You’re a walloper’

If Anton Danyluk, a proud Scotsman, was counting on his fellow countrymen and women to back his Love Island endeavours, he should think again. 

With his shaved legs, perfectly coiffured hair and rock hard abs, it’s clear the 24-year-old gym-owner from West Lothian puts a fair amount of effort into his appearance.

But despite coupling with flight attendant Amy Hart after she stepped forward on day one, he’s now single thanks to latecomer Curtis Pritchard’s ‘steal’. 

He’s also yet to make a great impression with viewers at home – especially in his homeland. 

Anton boldy strutted into the villa, telling the girls they weren’t expecting to hear a Scottish accent “from this,” pointing at his body. 

He then revelaed his mum shaves his bum.

Off camera, he’s admitted to having a “wandering eye”.

He even made a move on Lucie Donlan within hours of coupling up with Amy. 

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