The Platts destroyed forever after a shocking secret explodes in Corrie?

The Platt family have seen their fair share of heartbreaks but generally they have stuck together through thick and thin – but Tina O’Brien has warned that the Coronation Street clan may be divided forever when a holiday descends into chaos with the truth about Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) stealing Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) money comes to light.

As David realises he can’t keep the secret any longer, he admits the truth to a horrified Audrey and she feels utterly betrayed by both of her grandsons. And the ripples of this revelation will be felt across the entire family.

Tina explained: ‘I do think this could be what tears the Platts apart. Audrey is heartbroken and what they have done to her is unforgivable and so painful. Sarah feels very betrayed by them as well. Sarah is devastated and feels like there is no coming back from it.

‘David has had his issues in the past and Sarah has always found ways to forgive him, maybe it’s because he is her little brother and she always wants to sort out his problems. She feels so betrayed with Nick. David is quite remorseful but Sarah feels Nick has an attitude which she is really hurt by. As far as she is concerned she never wants to see Nick again, she doesn’t want to work in the factory with him, she wants him out.’

However, Tina has had a blast filming the scenes with all of the Platts and anticipates more high drama to come.

She smiled: ‘Anything that involves me being on set with a bunch of Platts, I’m in heaven. I love being with the guys; we all have quite different personalities but we all gel so well. It feels really good to be a part of and there’s going to be more to come as we see the fall-out from this and we see the ways that The Platts try to make this work as a family.’

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