The Voice UK: ‘Sit DOWN’ Jennifer Hudson yells at coach after shock wardrobe malfunction

Jennifer Hudson was stunned into silence during contestant Emmanuel Smith’s incredible performance on The Voice tonight. 

The coach – who has become known for throwing her shoes at the contestants she’s particularly drawn in by – let loose following Emmanuel’s powerhouse vocals on the ITV show. 

The American star chucked both of her shoes at the singer and in a surprising move followed suit.

Things descended into chaos as the crowd went wild and Jennifer raced to the stage to praise the contestant.

“I’ve got something to say!” she cried, gearing up to share her words of wisdom with Emmanuel.

Then all of a sudden, wanted to join in too and stood up from his seat at the iconic ITV show podium.

When he did however, it seemed his trousers got caught and slipped down slightly as the audience whooped and gasped behind him.

Presenter Emma Willis then shrieked as she realised the coach’s slight wardrobe malfunction, and could be seen shuffling up his clothing back into place.

But Jennifer had apparently had enough of the craziness and she delivered an order to her co-star.

“Sit down!” she yelled, but it was too late as was keen to show his appreciation for the contestant.

Sit down!

Jennifer Hudson

Sitting back in her seat once more, Jennifer told the future star: “You can keep my shoe.

“I don’t even want the shoe no more, you can just keep it.”

Emma and Emmanuel laughed along with Jennifer and’s antics, but the sentiment was real.

“He was great will,” Olly shared.

“That song is in my heart, he was amazing,” Jennifer added.

Also on tonight’s show, the rest of the coaches picked their acts to go through to the semi-finals. 

Following one impressive song from Molly Hocking, tried to impersonate his fellow coach Olly Murs, but it didn’t go too well. 

Sir Tom joked the singer had sounded “Australian”, and was left slightly red-faced. 

“I messed that up,” he laughed.

The Voice UK continues for the semi-final Saturday on ITV.

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