Boris’ bashers may well have lost the plot, but voters must see him scrutinised – The Sun

BORIS Johnson’s haters have lost the plot in their panic to stop him becoming PM.

One leading Muslim Tory compares him to Hitler. A Labour MP claims her Muslim constituents are “frightened for their country”. It’s hysterical nonsense.

Boris is an intelligent liberal Tory who was rude about burkas in a colourful article DEFENDING the right to wear them. Most voters supported him.

We welcome Boris debating rivals on the BBC. But we understand his decision not to waste time on Channel 4, a station staffed by Tory-hating Remoaners no longer even disguising their bias.

Boris is understandably nervous about gaffes, given that critics pounce on the mildest un-PC quip and pretend he’s a Nazi. But voters must see him scrutinised. So too Tory members, who must see a full contest with several debates.

They, and the wider public, will be far less allergic to Boris’s blunt language than the snowflakes of the liberal left.

Kiss of death

THE last thing Rory Stewart needed was the backing of ex-Tory turncoat Heidi Allen.

An MP who misled her voters about honouring Brexit, then campaigned for a second referendum and finally decided she wasn’t even a Conservative.

Stewart seems a decent bloke. But it’s a bad sign that his biggest fans cannot bear to be in, or vote for, his party.

As for Health Secretary Matt Hancock, we commend his upbeat campaign — and his mature decision to admit defeat.

He merits a top job in any new Cabinet.

Party tricks

CHUKA Umunna has joined his ­perfect party, the kings of the mortifying U-turn.

In 2008 the Lib Dems demanded an EU referendum, then blocked one the Tories called for. In 2016 they lost one they didn’t want — now want another.

And who can forget them betraying students over scrapping tuition fees?

These chancers see a kindred spirit in Chuka, who said “working people won’t forgive the damage the Lib Dems did in government” before asking to join them.

Voters certainly WON’T forgive him.

Every day he refuses to call a by-election he treats them with contempt.

Fix these flats

TWO years since Grenfell, thousands are still at risk in high-rise flats. Why?

There is too little Government urgency in scrapping flammable cladding on 170 private blocks.

Funding worth £200million is there. If the blocks’ owners will not act by a set deadline, councils must be empowered to fine them, step in and do the work as they have on their own properties.

Residents are living in misery and fear in unsafe homes they cannot sell.

The Government must do right by them.

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