Businessman, 48, worth more than £300m is ordered to give his ex £25m

Omani businessman, 48, worth more than £300m who got his PA to dump his wife by email is ordered to give his ex £25m after she argued she needed £400,000-a-year for holidays and £60k pocket money

  • Talal Al Zawawi owned 15% of an Omani business worth more than £2billion 
  • His ex-wife Leila Hammoud asked for more than £50million after they divorced
  • Before they separated Mr Al Zawawi cancelled all her financial transactions 

An Omani businessman worth more than £300million has been ordered to give his ex £25million after she argued she needed a £400,000-a-year for holidays and a further £60k for pocket money.

Talal Al Zawawi owned about 15% of an Omani business worth more than the £2billion, the Family Division of the High Court in London heard.

The 48-year-old’s ex-wife Leila Hammoud, 36, who grew up in Lebanon but now lives in London wanted more than £50million following their divorce after becoming accustomed to high-end living.

Prior to their separation Mr Al Zawawi had cancelled his wife’s ‘transactions and loans’. 

The case was heard at the Family Division of the High Court in London (stock image pictured)

Ms Hammoud said she had shared a ‘palace’ in Oman with Mr Al Zawawi and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle during a 12-year marriage.

She said she needed £400,000 a year for holidays for her and their three children, more than £60,000 a year to buy jewellery, more than £60,000 a year ‘pocket money’, £60,000 a year for ‘spectator events’ and £24,000 a year to buy shoes.

However Mr Justice Holman concluded that about £21 million would meet her needs and about £3 million would be suitable for the children’s needs.

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He said his calculations included more than £5million for a house and £75,000 for a car.

The judge outlined his decision in a ruling on Friday after analysing evidence at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

He said Mr Al Zawawi and Ms Hammoud could be named in media reports but he said their children should not be named.

Mr Justice Holman (pictured) said he had been critical of Mr Al Zawawi, who resides in Oman 

Mr Justice Holman said Mr Al Zawawi had divorced Ms Hammoud in Oman two years ago – when they had a home in London.

He highlighted that under Omani law Ms Hammoud would get no financial provision. The judge said it was right that she should make a cash claim in England.

He said Mr Al Zawawi owned about a sixth of the Zawawi Group, which is involved in businesses including banking, construction and tourism.

Mr Al Zawawi had inherited his share from his late father, Omani politician and businessman Qais Bin Abdulmunim Al Zawawi.

Mr Justice Holman was critical of Mr Al Zawawi, who lives in Oman.

The judge said Mr Al Zawawi not engaged in the proceedings, had not provided detail of his wealth, had not paid money he owed Ms Hammoud and left her in debt.

He had also ‘tragically’ not seen his children for more than a year, said the judge.

Mr Justice Holman told how Ms Hammoud had been sent an email by Mr Al Zawawi’s personal assistant shortly before they separated in 2017.

It began, ‘Dear Madam, Greetings!!!’ was marked ‘FYI’.

‘Mr Talal Al Zawawi has instructed us to cancel all your transactions/loans from next month onwards until further notification,’ it said. ‘Thanks and warm regards.’ 

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