Foxes cause havoc in Brighton garden

Family of foxes leave a trail of destruction and rip up flowerbeds after taking over the garden of a woman called Mrs FOX

  • Michelle Fox, 53, is scared her young nephew might get attacked by the foxes 
  • They have destroyed her flower beds and damaged garden furniture 
  • The Brighton decorator says fox cubs are to blame for mess everywhere  

A family of foxes is terrorising a gardener by taking over her home, with neighbours claiming she is being targeted because she shares a name with the animals. 

Michelle Fox, 53, says she has seen foxes in her garden and the surrounding street for more than 20 years.

But she claims in the last three months a whole family has moved in to her back yard in Brighton, with the cubs causing havoc.

The painter and decorator is ‘at the end of her tether’ after the creatures broke garden furniture, ruined the lawn and uprooted plants.

She is now too scared to let her young nephew play alone in the garden in case the family of four attack him. 

But in a desperate bid to find a solution to the problem, neighbours joked that she is being plagued by the animals because of her last name.  

Two of the adult foxes are pictured in Mrs Fox’s garden in Brighton where they have been causing havoc for around three months 

Mrs Fox sees the two adults and two cubs playing in her garden every day – and has even caught one of them cheekily standing on her patio table. 

Michelle Fox, 53, is sick of foxes ruining her back garden in Brighton 

She said: ‘I’ve had foxes in the area for about 20 years but they’ve always been adults – this is the first time I’ve seen cubs in years and I’m at the end of my tether.

‘The adults just lie around but the cubs – although they are very cute and lovable – are ripping everything to shreds.’

Desperate for a solution to the constant mess, Mrs Fox posted a local Facebook group but received some unhelpful advice.

She said: ‘People have said because my surname is Fox, the foxes won’t leave and have ‘come back home to mummy’.

‘And one person said I would need to change my name or move house to stop them coming back and another said I had stolen their green space – which is ridiculous because I live five minutes from woodlands.

‘The real reason they’re coming into gardens is because people leave their rubbish out or even worse are feeding them.

‘The cubs are actually real cute but they are destroying my garden and I can’t go into and enjoy it anymore.

‘They have destroyed it – the flower beds are being torn up, they’re digging under my fence, there’s barely any grass left in some spots and things keep going missing.

A wicker plant pot is pictured with large chunks taken out of it by the family of foxes 

Three of the foxes are pictured caught in the act by Mrs Fox in her back garden in Brighton 

The creatures have even managed to take bites out of Mrs Fox’s wooden garden fence 

‘There’s poo and wee everywhere so my 19-month-old great-nephew can’t play in the garden at the moment because he picks everything up.

‘The RSPCA has been no help and although the Fox Project could help it would cost be about £300.’

A spokesman for The Fox Project advised Michelle to use non-toxic chemical mammal repellents to move the family along.

He said: ‘Thousands of people are referred to us every year by local authorities and most take the DIY option.

‘Foxes are easily encouraged to move on and, in fact, they will move of their own volition from late July onwards as families disperse, as they must when cubs are around four and a half months of age.’

The pesky creatures have managed to uproot a small tree in Mrs Fox’s garden 

The grass in Mrs Fox’s garden has been reduced to just a few green blades after the foxes took over

Exposed earth is pictured in Mrs Fox’s garden after the family of foxes scratched away at the grass

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