Who was Paige Doherty, what happened to the murdered teen and how long is John Leathem in prison for?

The teen's body was found in a wooded area of Clydebank, near Glasgow, two days after the murder.

Who was Paige Doherty and what happened to her?

The 15-year-old Clydebank schoolgirl was murdered in a “savage and frenzied” attack at his sandwich shop in West Dunbartonshire, in March.

Doherty was left with 61 stab wounds and 85 slashes to her face, head and arms as a result of the attack.

After killing the teen, Leathem stored her body in a shed at his nearby home before dumping her remains in bushes two days later.

Since Paige’s murder in March, Pamela, 33, of Clydebank, has worked tirelessly in her daughter’s memory to help others.

She set up the Paige’s Promise charity, which offers self defence classes for youngsters to help to prevent similar tragedies.

And it also provides a befriending service for other bereaved families.

Mr McSporran also revealed how the killing had affected Paige’s brothers Andrew, ten, and Lucas, nine, and her five-year-old sister Peyton.

The advocate depute said: “In my meetings with Paige’s mother Pamela she has presented as a strong personality who has thrown herself into various events and activities in her daughter’s memory.

"No doubt as her way of coping with the loss of her first born child in such awful circumstances.

“The effect on her siblings, and the loss suffered by her many friends are all set out in touching detail.”

How long is John Leathem in prison for?

Leathem was jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 27 years by Lady Rae in October last year.

It emerged that same month he would appeal the sentence.

He demanded reduced jail time because Paige’s remains were easy to locate.

The 32-year-old won an appeal against his 27-year jail term.

His sentence was reduced by four years because the "murder was not premeditated, he was a family man and he has expressed remorse".

In their shock ruling judges said monster Leatham should have years lopped off his jailed, claiming he had “expressed remorse”.

They insisted her barbaric murder had “not been pre-meditated” – insisting he had been a “family man” who had done no previous harm.

Leathem's lawyer Ian Duguid QC told the High Court in Glasgow the killing was a “spontaneous, gross overreaction”.

He said there was no explanation for the killer’s actions and that “no-one could possibly” have predicted Leathem acting the way he did.


He added that Leathem had no history of anger — and that murdering Paige was “inexplicable” given his “pride and pleasure” in the community.

Mr Duguid said the fiend claimed to have taken Paige into the back office to discuss a job application, where he says he told her he would have to speak to her mother due to her age and that there were other candidates for the position as a shop assistant.

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