19 Leggings Under $50 You'll Want to Live In

Regarding the time-old debate on the status of leggings and whether or not they qualify as pants, I think we can all agree to stand firmly on the side of cuteness and comfort. Leggings are a versatile type of pants you can wear practically anywhere, from a day out, to a night in, to an early morning workout the next day. They’re even cozy enough to sleep in. So by that logic your wardrobe should be stocked with leggings you’ll never want to take off. 

Whether you’re struggling to find clothes you feel good wearing out after over a year of loungewear being the default or need some extra-stylish motivation to start a new workout regimen, there’s a wide variety of affordable, fashionable and utterly adorable leggings to choose from. 

From high-rise leggings perfect for yoga, to statement-making leggings with bold patterns, to leggings with super convenient pockets, brands like Nike, Athleta and Calvin Klein have created plenty of stunning options to keep you stylishly comfortable. 

Here are 19 leggings under $50 that you’ll want to live in.  

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