4 Ways To Get Motivated To Workout From Home When You Don’t Want To Leave The Couch: Expert Tips

Finding motivation to workout during self isolation can seem impossible but Gina Grant, Zumba Education Specialist, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, ways to get you moving!

While we are all stuck inside isolating ourselves, stir craziness ensues and it may feel almost impossible to get yourself up and ready to go for a workout. Luckily, Gina Grant, Zumba Education Specialist, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, four ways to motivate yourself to workout as well as a quicky, easy, and efficient workout you can try in your own home.

Four ways to get yourself motivated to workout, Gina shared, are:

1. “Start by getting dressed! Staying in PJs means you’re preparing on having a lazy day so the outfit change definitely helps.

2. “Workout clothes automatically motivate me and remind me to move!

3. “Don’t be afraid to try something new. This is beneficial for your mind and body! Plus, you have the time right now since we are all at home.”

4. “Don’t forget to stay positive – this too shall pass.”

As for some quick but efficient workouts to try, Gina suggested, “Put on some music and dance it out! Find a livestream Zumba class or just take a break to put on some music and have your own jam session.” This is the first time ever that Zumba is offering live stream classes and viewers can check with their local instructors to see if they are offering live stream classes or search the hashtag #ZumbaVirtual on social.

Another way to look for good at home-workouts, Gina revealed, “Making it a family affair is also a great idea – TikTok has been a huge hit in our house right now! We also like searching the hashtag #homeworkouts on Instagram to see what everyone else is doing!”

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