A beauty brand inspired by Joe Biden is selling $20.20 blue makeup sponges that ‘cancel out orange’

  • An anonymous group has launched a beauty brand inspired by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
  • Biden Beauty sells hoodies, tote bags, pins, stickers, and makeup sponges.
  • The brand says it's not affiliated with the Biden campaign, though its website says it will donate all proceeds to the Biden Victory Fund.
  • Biden Beauty also says it wants to encourage people to vote.
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Joe Biden is the unlikely inspiration behind a new beauty brand.

On Wednesday, social-media accounts for Biden Beauty began to appear online. The brand currently sells Biden-inspired hoodies, tote bags, pins, stickers, and a blue makeup sponge. According to its website, Biden Beauty is not officially affiliated with the presidential nominee's campaign, though it's unclear who actually created the brand.

Biden Beauty says on its website that it's "just proud to support" the Democratic nominee. Its website also says it will donate 100% of proceeds to the Biden Victory Fund, which raises money to help the former vice president win the 2020 presidential election.

The company's main goal, according to its website, is to encourage people to vote.

"Inspired by Joe Biden's own natural beauty, the brand hopes to show Americans that you are beautiful, powerful, and vital," the brand's website says. "Biden Beauty hopes to spread the message that America is and always has been beautiful, but to maintain this message, America needs to vote, and vote blue."

While it's unclear if Biden Beauty has plans to release actual makeup or skin-care products, the brand says it plans to launch new items up until the election. All items are limited edition and will not be sold after November 4, according to the website.

The brand acknowledges that some might doubt the legitimacy of its existence, and answers the question "Umm, are you real?" on its FAQ page.

"No fake news here," the brand says. "Biden Beauty is a real beauty brand that aims to merge beauty and politics to push forward a message of diversity, inclusivity and agency within the beauty communities — and beyond."

The most noteworthy item from the brand at the time of writing is its Biden Beat Makeup Sponge, which retails for $20.20.

The brand says on its website that it "put much thought into this makeup sponge," which is blue to represent the Democratic party and can "cancel out orange," a likely dig at presidential incumbent Donald Trump. The dual-sided product is also said to be "durable, rugged, and dependable — just like, yep, you got it, Joe Biden," according to the brand.

"Our Biden Beat is made of the same material as all other beauty sponges," Biden Beauty says. "It's just better in all ways because, let's face it — it's fighting for democracy and ALL your freedoms."

It's not uncommon for politicians and their supporters to sell merchandise in support of campaigns.

One of the most famous examples is the Donald Trump campaign's officially licensed "Make America Great Again" baseball hat worn by the president and his supporters. The president's slogan has also been added to T-shirts, signs, and more.

Representatives for Biden Beauty and Joe Biden did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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