All of Jonathan Van Ness's Expert Beauty Advice From Queer Eye Season 3

All of Jonathan Van Ness’s Expert Beauty Advice From Queer Eye Season 3

While every member of the Fab Five (plus their new canine sidekick Bruley) is special, Jonathan Van Ness has a special place in beauty-lovers’ hearts. The grooming expert helps many of Queer Eye‘s contestants undergo a makeover from the inside out. He preaches self-love through self-care and explains to many of the show’s guests how taking a few minutes to take care of yourself isn’t selfish, but part of nurturing and caring for your body.

He’s spread a lot of great beauty tips and education throughout Queer Eye’s three seasons (my boyfriend now knows that shampoos containing sulfates are a no-no), but this season he really let some good beauty secrets out. Ahead, check out the advice, products, and tips he offered in each episode so you can try them out yourself or just truly relive Van Ness’s perfect personality. Yass, hunny!

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