Best Drugstore Beauty: HollywoodLife Beauty Awards — Our Top 60 Picks Under $20

It’s the first ever HollywoodLife Beauty Awards! See our top picks, all available at the drugstore, including faves from celebs like Gal Gadot and Kerry Washington!

It’s an exciting year, because 2018 marks the very first Beauty Awards! Here, we are bringing you our favorite products readily available at the drugstore or places like Target and Walmart. We have over 50 products under $20, helping you find your new favorite mascara, foundation, eyeliner, makeover remover and more. We have makeup, skin care, hair care, nails and even our favorite candle! Click through the gallery to see ALL of the winners! 

We have a bunch of experts — celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend, who works with Elizabeth Olsen and Gal Gadot, spilled about his favorite dry shampoo that he uses on almost every job. Felix Fischer, who has styled Jennifer Lopez, Marisa Tomei, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett, recommended quality hair tools at a great price point. I’m super excited that actress Lauren Adams, who has a hysterical passion project on Instagram (@MaskingForTrouble), offered her favorite hydrating sheet mask, which you can get at CVS for $2.49!

We also had celebs and brand ambassadors like Kerry Washington, Olivia Holt, Nicole Kidman, and Gal Gadot EXCLUSIVELY offer their drugstore picks that keep them looking perfect on the red carpet! You’ll see familiar brands like Neutrogena, Dove, and L’Oreal, and maybe some new ones you haven’t tried yet. Here I am with just some of the products submitted! It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Not EVERYTHING could be a winner, so come back next week for a special EDITORS’ PICKS story with more of our favorites!

We hope you love this list of winners, and check back tomorrow, May 3, for over 70 MORE of the best products of ALL TIME, in the luxury category, starting at just $10!

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