Cloud Eye Makeup, Viral Beauty Trends, Dreamy Eyeshadow Look

So far, this year has been chock full of crazy eyebrow trends, even crazier nail trends, and a ton of other beauty trends that have gone viral within hours. And, while some of these trends have been way too “out there” for us to try ’em ourselves, this brand new cloud eye makeup trend is tempting AF.

In case you’re wondering, this new trend is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and it’s super dreamy. Rather than making crisp lines at the eye’s crease, beauty gurus are now making the crease of their eyes look way softer. In fact, some might say they’re as soft as a cloud. Just look at beauty influencer NikkieTutorials for a perfect example!

Are you SHOOK?! We thought so!

NikkieTutorials certainly isn’t the only beauty influencer trying out this look, though, and we’re LOVING the different variations we’re seeing. We mean, check out James Charles‘s take on the trend!

Clearly, the cloud eye trend is very intricate, and we’d be willing to bet that it takes a lot of time to achieve. However, if you’re confident enough in your beauty skills, we totally think you should try it! Then, snap a quick photo for Instagram. You can’t possibly try out an iconic look such as this and NOT share it with your followers… right?!

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