Expert Makeup Artist Gives 5 Easy Tips To Look Your Best On A Zoom Meeting

With everyone stuck inside during quarantine, the new norm is video chat meetings & luckily, Steve Kassajikian, Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, 5 tips to get the perfect makeup look for your next Zoom call!

Ever since the quarantine started, we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of communicating and video chat meetings have become super popular especially Zoom meetings. While everyone is stuck inside, getting dressed up and looking presentable can seem impossible, but luckily, Steve Kassajikian, Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, an easy way to achieve a gorgeous face of makeup in just a few simple steps.

Steve revealed the five steps to get a flawless face of makeup that doesn’t require a lot of time, and you can follow his exact steps, below.

1. “Use a concealer to even out and perfect the skin while having it look natural. (Product: Stay Naked Concealer)
2. “Use a brow pencil/gel to define brows for a full fluffy brow. (Product: Brow Blade & Brow Finish)
3. “For the eyes, use a soft transition shade all over the lids and highlight the inner corner. This brightens and adds depth to the eyes. (Product: Naked Honey Palette)
4. “Apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes to define eyes. (Product: Perversion Mascara)
5. “Use a cream/tint on the lips and cheeks with fingers for a soft sun-kissed look. (Product: Lo-Fi Lip Mousse)”

Not only are we using video calls to communicate through work, but we’re also using Zoom for date nights, and Hailey Baldwin’s, 23, makeup artist, Robert Sesnek, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the easy glam you can achieve at home. “My first recommendation for a glam at-home look is to start with great lighting,” Robert revealed. “No matter how great or how much time you’ve spent on doing your makeup for a date night, if the lighting is off or unflattering it can make things look off or not as good. Make sure you’re lit with lighting that brightens the entire face, I’ve done this with either natural light by a window or a lamp. It really makes all the difference.”

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