The Too Faced x Jackie Aina Born This Way Shades FINALLY Have A Launch Date

It’s been a long time coming, but they’re finally here! The new Too Faced x Jackie Aina Born This Way shades have been revealed on the brand’s website and the launch date is finally set. The good news? It’s probably way sooner than you may have thought. The new expanded hues in the brand’s most well-known foundation are coming just around the corner, and honestly, they look incredible.

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Too Faced and their founder Jerrod Blandino teamed up with YouTube beauty guru and NAACP YouTuber of the Year Jackie Aina to expand the shades in their Born This Way foundation range. Aina announced her work with the brand last year during her 30 birthday celebration. The guru called the opportunity to help the brand become more inclusive a dream, and now, their hard work is finally coming to fruition.

While both the brand and Aina have been teasing the upcoming launch of the new shades, no one knew when they would launch. However, on Tuesday, the official news came, and the Born This Way expansion shades will be dropping on June 26. If you’ve been waiting to find your perfect match as formulated by Aina herself, now is your chance.

In an announcement video posted the brand’s YouTube page, founder Blandino explains that he and Aina have been working on the expansion for over a year, and during the time of filming they were shooting the campaign for the new shades. In total, the new additions to the Born This Way family will result in a shade range of 35 hues. However, neither Aina nor Blandino mentioned this being the end of their partnership. It’s possible that the brand could continue to expand the line. After all, with Fenty Beauty launching with 40 shades and Colourpop launching with 42, there’s definitely a few more that could be added to the Too Faced line-up.

if you’ve shopped the Born This Way Foundation before or looked to shop it but couldn’t find your shade match, don’t worry about price when it comes to this new launch. While the brand hasn’t mentioned anything about cost, shade expansions don’t typically mean price increases. The retail cost of Born This Way will probably remain at its current rate of $39.

The new shades of Born This Way isn’t the only new option from Too Faced, though. They’re making headway in the concealer game as well. This week the brand also launched their new Born This Way Super Coverage 4-in-1 Concealer. The multi-tasking product is meant to conceal, contour, and highlight the face, so clearly, the brand wants to make sure that they’ve got your complexion set.

As for its shade range, the concealer comes in 20 shades and will be available to fans on the same day that the new foundation colors are coming as well.

Does the launch date sound familiar? If you’re a beauty junkie, it just might. The launch comes on the same day as the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection. If you were planning to shop the four palette set from Hill, get your complexion taken care of as well thanks to the Aina x Too Faced Born This Way launch.

After what feels like weeks of teases (except there actually have been weeks of teases), the launch date for the Too Faced x Jackie Aina Born This Way foundation shades is finally here. If you love Aina and trust her expertise or already love Born This Way but are looking for a shade that’s just a bit more of an exact match, mark your calendar for June 26. These beauties are coming soon.

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