Farewell, Gel Nails — I'm in a Committed Relationship With My Home Dip Kit

Farewell, Gel Nails — I’m in a Committed Relationship With My Home Dip Kit

I’ve been experimenting with salon-style manicures for a few years, and until recently, I figured my expertise capped out at a decent gel manicure. Dip manicures, which last beyond three weeks, just seem like something you can’t do at home — there are so many steps! So many products! Liquids, powders, oils! Where does the madness stop?! But Instagram, as per usual, kept feeding me ads for specialized at-home dip kits from trendy brands like NailBoo and Dip’d. These brands look cool (and I’m sure they’re great), but when I saw Kiara Sky had a kit, I knew that’s the one I needed to try.

The cruelty-free brand has been a mainstay in salons for years. It’s the label I always look for when paying for a dip manicure, so I knew I could expect quality from a home dip kit, as well. I reached out and received the Kiara Sky Home Dip System Color Starter Kit, which included almost everything I needed.

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