François Nars’ new makeup collection is inspired by his mum

Nars’ latest limited edition collection is everything: sentimental, chic and beautiful.

Nars limited edition products tend to sell out quickly – with good reason, as they combine their high quality formulations with fun packaging.

The Claudette collection, due to launch on February 1 2021, is no different with its black casing covered in red hearts (which are playful rather than childish) and exclusive new shades.

On a first glimpse you might think the heart print and Valentine’s timing means this collection is an expression of romantic love, so get ready to feel a greater sense of endearment on hearing it’s in fact François Nars paying homage to his mother, Claudette Nars.

He also wanted to capture the spirit of 1970s Paris, with the Rive Gauche being a particular reference point.

Speaking to Vogue, François said his mother was his first model and that she taught him the importance of ‘not overdoing it’.

‘In the ’70s, makeup was quite heavy, but my mom would wear clothes from all of the great designers with light-handed makeup, so I thought it was chic not to wear too much. It really stayed with me,’ he explained.

While being an ode to his mother, it’s also one to classic beauty as the shades throughout the collection are a mix of reds, pinks and peaches in varying degrees of deepness.

The limited edition line up contains an eye palette, cheek duo, new lip shades and a new lipstick formula.

Nars’ Audacious lipsticks are popular given their hydrating satin finish, so they’ve added four new shades for this collection. But, going a step further they’ve also modified the formulation to create a sheer matte version in six new shades for those prefer a soft focus finish.

Some of the lip shades have been named after his mother and grandmothers: Claudette, Augustine, Léa and Ginette.

The miniature eye palette is a mix of rich and warm tones coupled with brighter shimmers, while the cheek palette is peach and coral toned.

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