Glossier’s new lipstick has the texture of butter

Glossier has really picked up the pace on its new launches recently. It was only last month that the beauty world went wild (Stylist included) for Cleanser Concentrate, the brand’s dirt-melting, pollution-lifting, skin-exfoliating cleanser. And now, it’s back with a new product up its (very trendy) sleeve: Glossier Ultralip.

An amalgamation of everything you could want from a lipstick, the brand describes the new formula as “the buildable colour of a lip tint, the shine of a gloss and the cushiony moisture of a balm, all together in one step.” 

Glossier Ultralip is available in 9 shades

How has it managed that? By pumping each of the nine shades full of the kind of ingredients you’d expect to read on the back of your favourite serum bottle. There’s meadowfoam seed oil, watermelon seed oil and four different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, a combination that allows it to hydrate at multiple skin depths.

It sounds great, but can Ultralip actually live up to such a lofty description? We decided to put the new product to the test, sharing our honest thoughts below. Spoiler alert: some of us were more instantly into it than others.

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Shannon Peter, Stylist’s beauty director says:

Shannon tries shades Villa (left) and Fete (right)

“Try as I might, I can never seem to get on with wearing lipstick. Either I end up smudging it all over my face, or I end up taking it off after an hour as I can’t get used to seeing my lips shrouded in colour. But that’s exactly why I think Ultralip is a brilliant formula for the lipstick averse. Or rather, the lipstick curious: those who desperately want to be lipstick wearers, just without the associated faff and drama.

“I’m particularly fond of the texture: like butter that’s sat on the side a little too long. It means the colour comes up slightly translucent, although you can layer it up for greater payoff. And because it’s so subtle, you can swipe it on and pretty much forget about it, without any nasty cheek-stained surprises the next time you turn on Zoom. It’s almost like the solid equivalent of the tinted version of Balm Dotcom.

“I first tried Villa (see: left), a rosy-brown shade which I loved mainly because it almost perfectly matches my natural lip colour. And then to be a little more daring, I tried out Fete (see: right), a bright tomato red which looked intimidating in the bullet, but looks much more sheer and subtle on the lips. I love it.”

Glossier Ultralip in Villa

Shop Glossier Ultralip in Villa at Glossier, £14

Glossier Ultralip in Fete

Shop Glossier Ultralip in Fete at Glossier, £14

Lucy Partington, Stylist’s beauty editor says:

Lucy wears Coupe (left) and Lucite (right)

“OK, I won’t lie: I didn’t instantly fall in love with Ultralip. The first shade I tried was Coupe, a bright orange-red, and while I loved the colour, I found the texture really weird to work with. It’s glossy and balmy like the description promises but I just found it almost too slippery to work with; it didn’t stay put on my lips and I didn’t have the patience for it.

“Then, when I applied it again, I was more prepared so instead of going straight in and applying it haphazardly like I usually would with a balm, I dabbed it onto my lips and was generally more patient. A more controlled application is key, the pigment is intense but it does melt into lips. All that said, it is really comfortable to wear and it has that tell-tale nourishing feel that all good balms have so I’m glad I persevered.

“The other shade I tried was Lucite, a really pale pink which I’m not sure suits me; it looks a bit too much like concealer for my liking, but on the right person I have no doubt it would look excellent.”

Glossier Ultralip in Coupe

Shop Glossier Ultralip in Coupe at Glossier, £14

Glossier Ultralip in Lucite

Shop Glossier Ultralip in Lucite at Glossier, £14

Hanna Ibraheem, Stylist’s senior beauty writer says:

Hanna tries shades Portrait (left) and Vesper (right)

“When you read the description for Glossier’s Ultralip, you can’t help but be intrigued: a lip tint, gloss and balm all in one? It sounded like the makings of my dream lip product.

“The first shade I tried was Portrait (see: left). I swept the lip colour on (somewhat hesitant as that G-embossed bullet is so aesthetically pleasing) and my lips were covered in a pretty, rosy pink hue. It gave me the shine of a gloss without any stickiness and felt comfortable on my lips. The colour is perfect for everyday wear but if you prefer slightly more striking, opt for Vesper (see: right).

“I fell in love with this colour as soon as the bullet touched my lips – it’s the perfect pink-toned berry and made me look put together with basically zero effort. It’s like a glossy, richer version of the brand’s Generation G in Jam.

“Hours after application, the colour hadn’t faded (though it required re-application after eating) and still felt moisturised, which is a major plus for my dry lips. And if you tap along the edges with your finger, it’s an easy way to achieve this season’s blurred lip trend. A big thumbs up from me.”

Glossier Ultralip in Portrait

Shop Glossier Ultralip in Portrait at Glossier, £14

Glossier Ultralip in Vesper

Shop Glossier Ultralip in Vesper at Glossier, £14

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