Hailey Bieber’s Extension Pro Shares Tips On How To Wash Your Hair Extensions Like The Beauty Star

Priscilla Valles works with some of the best hair in Hollywood! The extension pro spoke to HL about how to best wash your hair extensions at home!

A lot of changes have been made surrounding at home beauty in the last year! Clip in extensions have become a go-to way to change up any look on your own by adding either some volume, some length or both in your fringe. Celebrity hair extension pro, Priscilla Valles has worked with some the best hair in the biz, from Chrissy Teigen to Christina Aguilera to Hailey Bieber. The expert spoke to HollywoodLife in partnership with GlamSeamless to give readers a step-by-step tutorial in clip-in extension application AND revealed the best way to wash and maintain your extensions at home.

“I fell in love with GlamSeamless because they would send me their clip ins to work with my clients. I just completely fell in love with the line,” Priscilla said on the HL IG Live. “I fell in love with the quality of the hair… they’re just absolutely amazing. It styles beautifully, it’s shiny.” The extension pro then explained how to ensure your clip-in extensions are taken care of so they last forever!

When To Wash Your Extensions

“The way that you take care of your extensions is really important. It’s recommended that you wash them ever five times you wear them. I recommend using GlamSeamless’s Wet Line, It’s really hydrating for the extensions, it keeps them shiny. You wash them in the sink, just the way that you would wash normal hair.”

Keep Extensions In The Same Direction

“You want to hold the width of the clips in your hand as you’re washing them, and have  the water and hair go down in the same direction. Just like you’d wash your normal hair and it all washes down.”

How To Dry Your Hair Extensions

“You can air dry and let them hang on a hanger. Or, if you want to wear them soon, you can have someone hold them while you blow dry them out. There’s even some extension tools where you can clip the hair on it and and blow dry and style them hands free. Remember, it’s 100% real hair, so you can do just about anything with it.

For more details on how to style clip in and style your extensions, watch the HollywoodLife Instagram Live Tutorial with Priscilla on the HL Instagram!

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