Halle Berry, 51, Shows Off Flawless Physique In Sexy Lingerie Proving She Hasn’t Aged A Day

Halle Berry is on a quest to get us all beach body ready for the summer. And to motivate us to get off the sofa, she is proving that you can look hot at any age!

It’s hard to believe it but Halle Berry is 51. That may be her official age, but her body looks like that of a woman in her 20s. On April 20 the former Bond girl tried to motivate her fans to get in shape for the summer by posting an Instagram photo of her flawless physique in sexy lingerie. SEE THE PHOTO HERE. It’s becoming a bit of a trend for Halle these days. As fans may have noticed, she’s increasingly sharing healthy eating and workout tips on a Friday – sometimes with her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas. This week was no different. Except the mom decided to drop some words of wisdom about body acceptance along the way.

You see Halle doesn’t want us to try to get a body like hers. She wants us all to be happy in our own skin. She captioned the post, “Summer is coming so this #FitnessFriday let’s go there and talk beach bodies! For me, having a great beach body is so much more than looking good in a bikini, it’s more about FEELING good in your body! No matter what the actual shape of your body is, when you can put on a bikini or swim trunks and FEEL confident, that’s the win! For me, that confidence has always come as a result of loving myself enough to put my health and wellness first by doing the necessary work.”

OK Halle, we hear you. But what if you’re not able to do yoga handstands – like she did in a previous #FitnessFriday post? Halle said it’s all about starting where you are and taking it from there. She wrote, “If you’ve just started your fitness journey or if you’ve been working out and you’re not quite where you want to be yet, don’t beat yourself up, just stay the course.” To give her fans even more encouragement, Halle launched a beach body competition in her post. The winner who has transformed the most will get a chance to workout with the actress herself in L.A. Sounds like a good time to dust off those dumbbells!

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