Here's How You Can Get Discounted Beauty Products While Saving the Planet

There’s a massive amount of waste in the beauty industry, and while you might be great about recycling in your kitchen, you’re likely forgetting about your cosmetics. Cruelty-free beauty brand Pacifica is aiming to eliminate this problem by making it easier for you to recycle your empty packaging with their new partnership with Preserve.

The process is simple. Tell Pacifica which products you’ve finished, and rinse the packaging out with water. Next, they’ll send you a prepaid shipping label you can adhere to any box or envelope. (This is the perfect opportunity to reuse the many Amazon Prime boxes you have laying around your home.) After you ship your products away, your empty containers will get turned into toothbrushes and razors (some of the most widely used personal-care items) by Preserve. You can also purchase said toothbrushes and razors from Preserve, completing your good-for-the-earth cycle.

You’ll be rewarded with 10 Pacific loyalty points each time they receive your empty packaging — points that can be used toward discounts on new beauty products.

While many brands don’t offer any kind of recycling program, Pacifica founder Brook Harvey-Taylor told Women’s Wear Daily that this is only the beginning for the brand’s eco-friendly efforts. “By 2019, we are aiming to use at least 50 percent PCR [post-consumer recycled] in our number-five plastic tubes,” said Harvey-Taylor. In other words, your new Pacifica products will soon be packaged in partially-recycled bottles.

Pacifica’s devotion to taking care of our planet is impressive, and we’re eager to see if more of our favorite beauty brands follow suit.

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