How to Prevent Maskne According to Dr. Pimple Popper

Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, is sharing her tips on preventing and treating maskne — acne caused by abrasions and clogged pores from wearing a face mask for a long duration of time.

“Definitely maskne is an issue and you want to get something like a salicylic acid spray or an alpha hydroxy acid and just put it on your skin or even spray your mask and dry it out and put it on,” the board-certified dermatologist and TV star tells ET. “It’s like refreshing and it helps to clean out your acne.”

Other acne treatment products Dr. Lee recommends are benzoyl peroxide for oily complexions and active bumps, retinol for faster cell turnover and pimple patches to prevent you from picking at your skin. 

As for the best type of face mask for acne, she prefers cotton face masks as they are more absorbent of, you know, that upper lip sweat. Humidity, moisture from the mouth and oil build-up brews under face masks, which results in a warm environment where bacteria likes to live.

“Cotton is also a really good idea because if you wear a cotton mask that helps to soak up the moisture a little bit,” she says.

The skin expert also suggests having a lineup of clean face masks use in rotation each day and wash them frequently “like you would your underwear.”

To further prevent breakouts, Dr. Pimple Popper says to apply less makeup products.

“Minimize your makeup under there. I’ve started to train myself to just put makeup [from the eyes up],” she explains.

With Dr. Lee’s tips in mind, check out ET Style’s top picks of skincare products below to help prevent and treat maskne.

Spritz this salicylic acid spray, from Dr. Sandra Lee’s skincare brand, onto the skin or directly on the mask to prevent acne from forming.

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in skincare exfoliates the surface of the skin to aid in preventing breakouts. This Summer Fridays solution has 16% AHAs and niacinamide to unclog pores, brighten and refine the skin’s texture.

If you tend to pick your pimples, opt for a pimple patch. These patches from Rael contain high-grade hydrocolloid that removes impurities, acts as a protective barrier from bacteria and helps reduce inflammation and scarring.

Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face after a full day of wearing a mask. This two-in-one cleanser from Fenty Skin lathers up to removes dirt, oil and makeup.

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