I Didn't Expect This Easy TikTok Hack For Instant Hair Volume to Work, but Here We Are

Like most people, I spend more time than I’d like to admit scrolling TikTok. However, I won’t say it’s all been for nothing — I’ve found an endless supply of genius Amazon buys, learned more about DIYs than I could have ever imagined, and discovered beauty tips and tricks that even as an editor in the industry, I didn’t know existed. (Not to mention, a lot of cute dog videos that bring me joy.)

TikTok and its 800 million users are a wealth of knowledge and if you tap into that mix of self-proclaimed and professional beauty experts on the platform, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll learn something. When I was scrolling the other day, I stumbled upon this hair hack by user Alessa Miki for adding instant volume to your roots and I decided to try it myself.

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