Jodie Turner-Smith Blossoms As The New Face Of Gucci Bloom

Jodie Turner-Smith’s latest role has her smelling roses.

The actress and former ESSENCE cover star is the face of Profumo di Fiori, the newest fragrance in the Gucci Bloom collection. She tells us that her love affair with fragrances began while watching her mother apply perfumes as a child.

“I love incense. I love my love essential oils. I love flowers that have fragrances. I just love aroma,” she said. “It’s just something that’s always been important to me. And maybe it’s because it is the thing that my mother always used to bond when I was young.”

Gucci’s fragrance campaign is one of Jodie’s latest lifestyle ventures, including being the face of shapewear brand Skims. Jodie joins Gucci campaign co-stars Florence Welch, Susie Cave and Anjelica Huston as the faces of the new campaign.

“It’s great to kind of be invited to play with amongst other women who I think are so incredible, amazing, and iconic,” she tells us. “It’s fun to be part of this family. I find that Gucci doesn’t subscribe to those narrow views of beauty. I find it’s much bolder and at times eccentric and interesting.”

Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele said the distinctive group of women were chosen to represent the diversity of the Gucci Bloom fragrance line. “In the campaign, the flowers live a life of their own in a world, real but surreal. The dream of nature is a psychedelic dream, suspended in time, where Anjelica, Florence, Jodie, and Susie embody four different ways of being a woman. They go through a ritual of flowers like vestals, with Floria Sigismondi [campaign director] being a sort of priestess behind the camera. Even shooting the campaign itself, was like magic in magic.”

The lockdown and pandemic haven’t slowed down Jodie’s hustle. She’s starring with Michael B. Jordan in the drama Without Remorse and will begin filming Borderland alongside John Boyega next year. But her biggest role to date is that of mom. Jodie and her husband, actor Joshua Jackson welcomed a daughter in April, to whom she hopes to pass along a love for all things beauty and self-care.

“I think something that I always love that my mom always would do is that she would use beauty to cheer herself up,” she recalls. “If she were feeling down, it would be especially in those moments that she would glam up. And I feel like that. I kind of took that on as I got older and it was like literally putting on something could make my mood better.”

The new fragrance is available worldwide at

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