Kim Kardashian's New KKW Perfume Is Inspired By Her Naked Body

Another day, another new beauty launch from Kardashian-Jenner land. If you’ve been keeping up with Kim Kardashian West’s KKW Fragrance brand, then you know it’s been some time since she launched the Valentine’s Day-inspired Candy Hearts collection. The next perfume launch is nearly here, and it’s inspired by none other than Kardashian West’s naked body. As you can probably guess, it’s aptly called KKW Body.


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Launching April 30, KKW Body is not a unisex scent as some reports initially stated. Kardashian confirmed this on Twitter, also letting fans know that a unisex fragrance is something she is working on. The KKW Body fragrance will also be a standalone scent, not part of a trio like her first two launches Candy Hearts and Crystal Gardenia.


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The first teaser for KKW Body showed two nude busts—from the front and the back—carved into yellow beach sand. This led some fans to think it will be a beach-inspired scent, ideal for the start of summer vacations. Seeing as Kardashian-West just came back from a bikini-filled tropical vacation herself, the timing seems right. The imagery could also allude to a skin-inspired scent, usually containing notes of musk. We’ll update this post as soon as we know more about the scent and the price.

Some fans are taking to social media to chastise Kardashian West for the KKW Body campaign images, claiming that they are too obscene. But still others are praising her for depicting the human body as artful. Kardashian West herself has been busy posting photo after photo from the campaign, shot by contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft, on Twitter. Beecroft has worked closely Kardashian West and her husband Kanye over the years, even collaborating on their 2014 wedding and various Yeezy collections.

An image of the final bottle hasn’t been released yet, but fans are already speculating that it could look strikingly similar to Jean Paul Gaultier’s line of iconic perfumes shaped like male and female busts. Gaultier’s first perfume, Classique, launched in 1993 and over 80 different perfumes have been created in the iconic naked-body bottles since.

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