Kit Harington Debuts Buzz Cut Hair Makeover: See Before & After Pics

Kit Harington, is that you? The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor was spotted out in London on June 10 without his Jon Snow curls! He stepped out with a fully buzzed head, and we’re digging his new look!

A humble Kit has expressed how surprising the fascination with his hair is. “It constantly causes me wonderment that people get so interested in my hair,” he told Sharp Magazine at the end of 2017 before he revealed the secret to perfecting his then-curly head of hair. “The longer it’s left without doing much washing, the better. That is the secret. Honestly, if you want medieval hair, that’s how you do it,” Kit explained.

He also noted that “the studio won’t let me cut it past a certain length” — in reference to his Game of Thrones role as Jon Snow, which is how his long locks became famous. “I’m waiting for that next part to come along where I can cut the damn stuff off. It’ll be a weird but brilliant feeling,” he said at the time. The eighth and final season of the fantasy drama television series, produced by HBO, concluded last May.

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