Kylie’s Four New Lip Kits Are Guaranteed To Include Your Perfect Red

When it comes to celebrity beauty brands, an argument can be made that Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics is the most well known. Since her original three lip kits, fans have been shopping the brand until products sold out. Now, Kylie Cosmetics’ red lip kits are growing, and they seem to be making sure that every fan of Jenners can get their hands on their very own perfect shade of red.

It’s no secret that red lips are iconic. From icons like Marilyn Monroe wearing the hue to red lipsticks becoming cult classics for brands (Ruby Woo and Stunna Lip Paint, anyone?), red is a classic shade that should be in everyone’s beauty arsenal. Kylie Jenner is helping everyone get the one that works best for them.

In case you haven’t heard, Jenner is launching a whopping four new red-based lip kits today, June 1 at 3pm PT. From vibrant orange based reds to cool toned pink based tones, there’s even more options for those who want to find their ideal shade. While all four of the shades aren’t brand new (some are re-released shades from previous collections), all of them are gorgeous and perfect additions to the ever expanding family of Kylie Cosmetics lip kits.

Perhaps the two most exciting lippies are the brand new shades of Jordy and Victoria. If those names sound familiar to you, there’s a good reason why. The Victoria lip kit is named for Jenner’s longtime assistant Victoria Villarroel. The pair are so close that not only did Jenner help her get engaged back in 2016, but she was also actually present when Jenner discovered that she was pregnant with daughter Stormi Webster. Now, that’s friendship.

As for what the Victoria lip kit looks like? It’s a matte formula like Jenner’s classic kits and features a cooler, more pink based undertone that the brand’s other red hues.

The other brand new lippie is just as special. It’s named after Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods. The plus size model has been a staple in Jenner’s life for years and is featured heavily in Jenner’s pregnancy announcement video. From matching tattoos to basically being together all the time on social media, Woods finally getting her own lip kit makes total sense.

Her lip kit is actually quite similar to the Victoria lippie, but instead of a matte finish, Jordy features Kylie Cosmetics’ velvet lipstick finish. As for the shade, it’s more of a magenta red and definitely different than any other color in the Kylie Cosmetics family at the moment.

The other two red hues coming back to the brand are All-Nighter and Red Velvet. Both are more true reds than Victoria and Jordy, but are equally as gorgeous. You may recognize the Red Velvet from Jenner’s holiday collection. The true blue red is gorgeous for those looking for a classic red hue. Then, there’s All Nighter. If you want to make a major impact, this is the lippie for you. It’s an almost neon, orange red lipstick that’s is gorgeous bold.

As for the price of the lippies, they retail for the same cost as the rest of Jenner’s velvet and matte lip kits. Victoria and All Night are matte lips that retail for $29 while Jordy and Red Velvet are velvets that will run your $27 each.

If you want to snag one of these gorgeous red lip colors, set your alarm for 3pm PT today. With four red based lippies launching all at once (and joining other staples like Mary Jo K), you’ll definitely be able to find your new go-to red in this bunch.

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