Let's Predict Kacey Musgraves's CMT Awards Look Based on Her Impressive Beauty Evolution

Let’s Predict Kacey Musgraves’s CMT Awards Look Based on Her Impressive Beauty Evolution

Country singer Kacey Musgraves pretty much always looks fabulous wherever she goes. She’s been a red carpet staple for the past several years, and we love seeing how her beauty looks and style have evolved since she first debuted on the scene, from low-key country girl to full-on glam queen. We’re excited to see what she’ll bring to the red carpet at the upcoming CMT Awards, and based on her past looks, we think we might have an idea of what she’ll choose.

Although she started out with pretty simple, straightforward, and neutral tones, Musgraves has started leaning into bolder looks and more glamorous choices. In particular, she seems to like coordinating her makeup palette with her outfit, whether that means pastel pink eye shadow or bold burgundy lipstick. If we had to place a bet on her next red carpet look, we’d guess that she’ll continue this pattern, picking a color from her outfit to pull into her makeup as well. Check out 15 of her best beauty looks over the years, and see how this trend has evolved!

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