Myleene Klass’ blonde bob has set Instagram on fire

From Myleene Klass and Perrie Edwards, to Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton, we’ve decided to take a look back at the A-listers who went for the chop and made the iconic bob hairstyle their own.

Originally a symbol of liberation, modernity and boldness, the bob cut captured the imagination of the world when it was first created by Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France in 1909.

Since then the bob haircut has remained a firm favourite with women everywhere (the list includes the likes of Debbie Harry, Diana Ross, Twiggy, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love and Victoria Beckham, to name just a few), although there’s no denying that we’ve seen the bob cut go through a number of reinventions over the years. 

Think the shaggy bob hairstyle, made famous by Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, and the ‘Pob’ (otherwise known as the inverted bob haircut). A messy, textured and heavily-layered version of the bob cut was favoured by punk rockers in the 70s, while women in the 80s opted for permed crops. And let’s not forget the shoulder-grazing choppy ‘lob’ (or long bob haircut), which has been seen all over this year’s red carpets. 

Should you opt for a bob haircut?

Essentially, the ever-versatile bob hairstyle is an incredibly chic and accessible look, which really can be tailored to suit any face shape or style.

Celebrities with bob hairstyles

Myleene Klass, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Julianne Hough, Perrie Edwards, Kate Middleton, Kelly Clarkson, Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, Cate Blanchett, Demi Lovato, Natalie Portman, Eva Mendes, Selena Gomez, Penélope Cruz, Millie Bobby Brown, Celine Dion, Lucy Liu, Michelle Williams, Leighton Meester, Lily James, Fearne Cotton, January Jones, Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon and countless others have all fallen for the bob this year. 

Here, we have collated just some of our favourite twists on the classic haircut, so get ready for some serious short hair inspiration…

  • Myleene Klass

    It seems Myleene Klass was one of the first to head back to the salon after they reopened on 4 July, swapping up her long brunette hair into a sun-kissed blonde bob. 

    Sitting just above her shoulders, the cut blended highlights with layers to create lots of texture. And it seems the musician’s followers were big fans of the look, with around 8,700 rushing to ‘like’ the snap shortly after it was shared on social media.

    Underneath the post, too, were hundreds of comments from fans and celebrity pals alike.

    “Beautiful,” commented Katie Piper.

    “Oh YES!” added Lauren Laverne. “I love it when you go blonde!”

    And Kate Thornton added: “Looking good!”

  • Taylor Hill

    Taking to Instagram to share her new hair cut, model Taylor Hill said she was “feeling a little bit lighter” as she posted a series of photos showing off her new, choppy look.

    Hill also included a picture of her holding up the hair that had been cut off as she thanked hairdresser Danilo. 

    The chin-length hair style was styled in loose, messy waves and a centre parting, AKA the literal bob of dreams. Believe us when we say this is the picture we will be taking to our stylist once restrictions lift.   

  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler

    Let’s face facts: thinking up fun ways to celebrate your birthday in lockdown isn’t easy. The Sopranos’ Jamie-Lynn Sigler, however, decided to mark the occasion by chopping off her abundant brunette curls into a chic DIY bob.

    “That’s two years of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth that I cut off right there on my bday, thanks to some ‘help’ from my sis Riawna Capri,” she said, alongside a photo of her new asymmetrical ‘do (as well as her shorn braid).

    Explaining that she decided to donate her hair to a very good cause indeed, she added that she would be gifting it to the BeYOUtiful Foundation, a community created for women of all ages defying the odds against cancer.

    “Proud to be donating this hard work to @beyoutiful_foundation ,” she said. “And, to everyone who came by today, sent food, flowers, videos, FaceTimes… thank you so much. It’s nice to feel grateful during times like these. This is 39!”

  • Emily Atack

    Like most of us in lockdown, Emily Atack contemplated whether to give herself a makeover. Except, she actually saw it through.

    The actress shared a picture of her new bob, revealing that she used pliers and paper scissors to achieve the look. In the caption, she wrote, “Hacked my extensions out with pliers and used paper scissors to trim it. All doing fine over here.”

    Of course, hairdressers are urging their clients to avoid giving themselves drastic haircuts at home but Atack’s hair does look amazing. If you’re considering giving yourself an at-home cut, read our detailed guide first.

  • Julianne Hough

    Julianne Hough has never been afraid to switch up her look. Over the years, we’ve seen her try any number of styles – from short to long – and dye her hair a beautiful array of colours, too (think copper and honey blonde, to name two). 

    It should come as no surprise to learn, then, that she’s switched up her look in lockdown. 

    That’s right: as seen on the star’s Instagram Stories, gone is her blonde lob of the past few months. Instead, we have a heavily textured and asymmetrical bob – which she’s had coloured a soft rose pink hue. For added depth and volume (not to mention ease of maintenance!), Hough has kept her roots dark their natural colour. 

    Consider us fans. 

  • Maya Hawke

    Stranger Things star Maya Hawke has given into the temptation of an at-home haircut during lockdown and to do it, she enlisted the help of her mother Uma Thurman.

    Thurman shared a picture of the moment, in which you can see Hawke now has a very short (and chic) bob. Alongside the image, Thurman wrote, “Home hair cuts bring us back home. We are all finding ourselves again.”

    Hawke isn’t the only celebrity to recently ask their mum for a haircut. Earlier this week, Camila Cabello’s mother cut her fringe, leading Cabello to compare herself to Severus Snape.

  • Perrie Edwards

    Perrie Edwards has, like so many others before her, succumbed to the allure of a coronavirus lockdown haircut.

    Taking to Instagram, the Little Mix singer revealed that she had cut her long blonde hair into a shaggy bob with bangs.

    “Perrie isn’t here right now,” she joked, alongside the images. “She’s lost her FUCKING mind during isolation.”

    Judging by the comments underneath the post, Edwards’ fans are very into her grungey new look. Indeed, Maya Jama has branded her a “sex bomb”, while others have branded the ‘do as “stunning”.

    We have a feeling it may inspire some to grab the scissors during lockdown and brave the chop themselves…

  • Kate Middleton

    Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has always stuck to her guns and kept her head full of long, dark, curls over the years. However, when she stepped out in Ireland this week, royal fans were stunned to see she’d chopped her hair into a long, sleek, and elegant bob, which just sits on her shoulders. Of course, it goes without saying that she made sure to inject some volume and bounce into her new mini-mane with her traditional Chelsea blowout.

  • Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson has decided to kick off Season 18 of The Voice with a new look. In a video filmed from her iconic red chair, the singer debuted a choppy bob cut to fall just below her chin, with lots of layers for added texture and movement.

  • Serena Williams

    Sharing a photo from her holidays on Instagram, Serena Williams has revealed that she’s currently serving a blunt honey-blonde bob. 

    “Love,” wrote one fan.

    “Truly beautiful,” added another.

  • Ashley Benson

    Ashley Benson’s long blonde hair is no more, as the model debuted a “sleek bob with a little smoke” haircut on Instagram today. It remains unclear as to whether or not the “little smoke” is in reference to a few strands of dark gray scattered throughout the cut, or the overall darker, ashier hair color. Either way, though, her followers were big fans.

    “More like a LOTTA smoke,” said one, alongside a string of heart-eyed emojis.

    “Perfect,” declared another.

    And there were a lot of fire emojis, too.

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez debuted a long shoulder-length bob back in November, while she was working the press circuit for Hustlers. Now, though, the indomitable JLo has switched up her look again, going for something a little shorter and more rock chic. 

    She showed off her tousled honey-coloured bob on Instagram, as she revealed she’s “back in the studio, workin’ on my skills”. And, while we’re incredibly excited at the idea of more JLo music, the majority of her followers were all about her new haircut.

    “Looking fresh,” wrote one.

    “Love your hair like this, JLo,” added another.

    And still one more, alongside a string of ‘on point’ emojis, added: “NICE HAIR!!!”

    Suffice to say, the people are fans. Will you be rushing to the salon for a ‘Jenny from the Block’ haircut?

  • Bella Hadid

    In 2019, Bella Hadid dyed her dark brown hair a golden honey blonde and chopped her long locks chopped into a sharp lob, which strongly resembles Aniston’s iconic 2001 ‘do.

    This year, though, the supermodel has gone even shorter – and back to brunette – with a chin-length bob. She’s been wearing it poker-straight on the Paris Fashion Week catwalks. However, this week saw her show off her ‘do in all its wavy glory, and she did it in the best possible way: a series of selfies at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée’s Dior Institut. Because what else are those full-size mirrors for, eh?

    Naturally, her followers were big fans of the look.

    “Wow,” wrote one fan in the comments.

    “So being this beautiful is rude, but OK,” added another.

    And still one more noted: “OMG it’s stunning!”

  • Katherine Heigl

    Famed for her long blonde hair, Suits star Katherine Heigl couldn’t resist showing off her new brunette bob on Instagram, which has been cut in a similar style to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s iconic Fleabag ‘do.

    “I literally have nothing to do and no where to go today but I was dying to play with my new haircut,” wrote Heigl of the snap. “Once it was all styled and pretty I figured I should complete the look with a touch of lipstick…and foundation…and blush…and brows…and eye shadow…now I’m all done up with nowhere to go. And I’ll have to spend an extra 15 mins washing this all off tonight…

    “I didn’t really think this through.”

  • Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett has never been afraid of experimenting with shorter hair. The actor has recently been wearing her hair in a shoulder-grazing wavy lob. However, for the Roksanda LFW show she stepped out with a chic and oh-so-sleek bob, that had been cut in a blunt chin-length style.

    “Cool hair,” wrote one fan, underneath one of Blanchett’s Instagram posts from the event (which the Blue Jasmine star had posted, incidentally, in celebration of a sustainable fashion choice). 

    “So elegant,” added another.

  • Demi Lovato

    On 14 Feb 2020, Demi Lovato shared a number of photographs to her Instagram Stories. The pictures – which saw her blowing kisses at the camera – revealed that her Rapunzel-esque locks had been replaced with a seriously glossy asymmetrical bob.

    While we can’t embed Insta Stories (you can view them here), it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Lovato has jumped on the bob bandwagon: last year, she sported an incredibly similar style, too (see embed for details).

    It’s worth noting that this isn’t so much a new haircut as it is the removal of extensions. Until she decides to go long again, though, we’re big fans of Lovato’s bob.

  • Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman made headlines for staging a powerful protest on the Oscars red carpet, but the critically-acclaimed actor also turned heads with her new haircut, too. However, it’s not the first time that she has shown it off.

    Taking to Instagram earlier this year, Portman shared a cosy cooking tutorial, which revealed her take on a “traditional Israeli breakfast of chickpeas, salad and tahini (adapted from my mom’s recipe).”

    It was here that the actor first revealed her chic chin-length bob to the masses – and, naturally, they were fans.

    “Love your hair,” wrote one.

    Another added: “Your hair is [on fire].”

    Most, though, were heavily focused on Portman’s delicious breakfast.

    “Now THIS is a recipe I can get behind,” commented one excited fan.

    Suffice to say, it seems hair reveals and hummus go very well together indeed.

  • Eva Mendes

    Eva Mendes celebrated her “cute new hair” (aka a super textured lob) on Instagram, thanking her stylist Giannandrea for making “life a helluva lot easier”.

    Sharing a video of the choppy textured bob to his own feed, Giannandrea wrote: “A new decad,e a new look and a first ever for Eva Mendes… a short haircut!!!!

    “I was stunned when she asked for me to and here she’s all chic a modern designer business woman and cool mama!”

  • Camila Cabello

    Camila Cabello has been absent from social media for some time. However, in February 2020, the singer finally returned to Instagram… and she did so with a brand new ‘do.

    Sharing a behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Sony’s Cinderella, Cabello explained her digital detox.

    “I think it’s healthy to know when you need time for yourself,” she said, captioning a photo of herself with a super-short flapper bob. “That’s been my biggest thing I’ve worked on this year so far is to listen to my intuition and what my mind and body need.

    “When I feel overwhelmed or overstimulated I’m like…. ok I need to give myself a little room to slow down. but I miss and love you guys!!!!”

    It’s unclear if the bob is the result of a chop or a wig, but Cabello’s fans have fallen over themselves to welcome her back to Instagram and compliment her new hairstyle. Anyone else have a feeling the flapper bob is going to be making waves at salons as a result?

  • Claire Holt

    The bob is still very much Hollywood’s haircut de jour, as Claire Holt’s new haircut has well and truly proven: think soft waves cut to fall just under the chin, shorter layers around the face.

    Taking to Instagram to share a photo of her new ‘do, The Originals star joked that she “wanted to shave it off but @josephchase convinced me not to be so dramatic”.

    “Beautiful,” wrote one fan of Holt’s bob.

    “”Spring hair goals,” added another.

    Anyone else have a feeling this picture is going to be shown to a lot of hairdressers over the next few weeks?

  • Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    Clever styling or a full-blown haircut? Whichever way you look at it, Taylor Swift decided to celebrate the premiere of her new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, with a new look. We have a feeling this loose wavy bob (faux or not) is going to inspire a sudden surge of salon bookings over the next few weeks…

  • Monica Bellucci

    All eyes were on Monica Bellucci at Alexandre Vauthier’s couture show in Paris this week, which was partly due to her dramatic new haircut. That’s right: the fashion model and actor has switched up her style for spring, chopping her long locks into this season’s must-have haircut: a chin-length shaggy bob. If you’re inspired to follow in her stylish footsteps, ask your hairdresser for a razor cut technique, resulting in choppy ends, textured layers, and lots of movement. 

  • Hilary Duff

    Hilary Duff has chopped off her signature long, blonde hair in favour of a blunt bob. The actor, who is set to reprise her role as Lizzie McGuire, posted an IGTV make-up tutorial on her Instagram page and debuted her new look.

    While blending out her foundation (Nudestix’s Tinted Cover Foundation, £32, just FYI), Duff addressed her new hairstyle, telling viewers, “I’m just warning you this might take a little longer, I’ve just chopped my hair. So whenever you change your hair colour or change your hairstyle, you feel like it’s harder to figure out your face again.”

    Suddenly, we have an urge to visit our hairdressers…

  • Kelly Osborne

    Kelly Osborne is no stranger to colourful and experimental haircuts, so her latest look doesn’t disappoint. She shared a photo of her razor-sharp bob and fringe, coloured with bright purple dye. In the Instagram post, Osbourne thanked her stylist Chelsey May at Daniel Galvin.

    If you were considering a bolder look for the party season, this serves some serious inspiration. 

  • Kaia Gerber

    Kaia Gerber has debuted her shortest cut yet. The model’s new style has more length at the back with shorter, choppy bits at the front – and actually falls into the category of an a-line pixie cut, when her hair isn’t tucked behind her ears.

    The model first underwent a dramatic cut in June earlier this year, when hairstylist and global director of Redken, Guido Palau, cut her long hair into what he called a “boyish” bob. Over time, Gerber has gone shorter and shorter – and we have to say, this new length may be our favourite one yet.

  • Millie Bobby Brown

    Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has never been afraid of experimenting with her hair (she shaved her head for her role as Eleven, after all), so we weren’t surprised to see her swap her long extensions for 2019’s most requested haircut: a textured, wavy bob cut to sit just above her shoulders, and given the “brunette with balayage” treatment, for maximum depth and movement.

    “I had fun giving Millie this new look today,” her stylist wrote on Instagram. “She said goodbye to the extensions and is back feeling like herself with short hair. We also toned down the blonde to give her more of a hand-painted look. Now she is more of a brunette with balayage, then a blonde with a shadow root. Thanks for coming in @milliebobbybrown.”

    Amping up the 80s vibes with big bold curls and a slick of blue eyeshadow, Brown posted a shot of her new ‘do to her own social page with a Dirty Dancing reference.

    “Nobody puts baby in the corner k??” she teased.

  • January Jones

    January Jones has been growing her hair out for as long as we can remember, but she recently decided that she missed having a short, chic bob.

    And to bring in the Christmas festivities, Jones just went for a seriously fresh chop by stylist Bridget Brager (who is also responsible for Kristen Bell and Naomi Scott’s bobs).

    Jones’s bob is at it’s shortest and sharpest – the perfect way to end 2019. 

  • Ashley Benson

    Ashley Benson has had a full hair makeover: after recently undergoing a transformation from blonde to brunette, the actor has now chopped off a good few inches just in time for Christmas.

    She took to Instagram to debut her new hair and never has a caption been more true. Talking about her new short wavy hair that’s styled with an excellent side parting, Benson said, “she’s a chic business kween.”

    We wholeheartedly agree. 

  • Nicole Scherzinger

    Known for her long, glossy hair, Nicole Scherzinger has teased a shoulder-length bob before but she’s never fully committed. Until now.

    Sleek, shiny and blunt, Scherzinger’s take on short hair is all kinds of incredible. Paired with a dark and sultry smoky eye and a pair of statement earrings at the 2019 Fashion Awards, we’re seriously big fans. 

  • Zara Larsson

    Singer Zara Larsson is no stranger to a bob, but she debuted an even shorter hair style at the 2019 Fashion Awards. Her super sleek, pinky peach-toned crop was in a chic centre parting and tucked behind her ears to show off a pair of statement jewels.

    Paired with a minimal smoky eye and floating liner, Larsson’s entire look is mega party inspiration. 

  • Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity to join the bob hair bandwagon.

    That’s right: the singer and actor decided to switch up her look for the AMAs this year, debuting a long blunt bob (a lob, if you will) on the awards show’s red carpet.

    Taking to Instagram ahead of the event to show off her new ‘do, Gomez wrote: “Feels good to be back. Thank you to my entire team and to my fans that stand by me. All of this is for you and because of you.

    “Excited for this chapter,” she added.

    Her fans immediately branded the bob as “absolutely stunning”, “beautiful” and “perfect”, and quite rightly, too. We’re huge fans of this new look.

  • Penélope Cruz

    Penélope Cruz has teamed up with Swarovski for a new jewellery campaign and, to celebrate, the award-winning actor decided to try out 2019’s most requested haircut: the bob. Taking to Instagram, Cruz shared a photo of her take on the hairstyle: think a sleek, one-length number, cut into a centre-part and sitting just above her shoulders. Combine it with that warm chocolate brown, and you have a ‘do that feels perfect for winter.

  • Saoirse Ronan

    Saoirse Ronan usually wears her long, blonde hair in loose, natural curls. But the actor decided to go for something a little different this season. Ronan has debuted the bluntest bob, which was cut and styled by celebrity hairdresser Adir Abergel. The stylist – who also recently gave Charlize Theron a very cool bowl cut – uploaded a photo of Ronan and her new style. 

    He captioned it: “New blunt vibes on this magical human.” 

  • Kristen Bell

    A bob has always been part of Kristen Bell’s signature look – but now, the Frozen star has given her hair a refresh for winter. Bell’s usual choppy bob has been chopped to one length to keep the ends straight and blunt.

    LA-based hairstylist Adir Abergel posted a picture of Bell’s new look, writing “90’s and blunt on @kristenanniebell with @rosettagetty vibes”.

  • Lucy Liu

    Debuting her even shorter bob on Instagram, Lucy Liu captioned her pictured, “Because this chic new cut by @_marcosantini1 is too good not to highlight w @kristoferbuckle magic make up!”

    It was only three months ago that the actor chopped off the dark hair that she’s known for. However, it seems she’s got the bug because Liu has already had a few more inches cut off to turn her lob into a seriously chic, jaw-grazing style. Obviously she looks incredible. 

  • Fearne Cotton

    “Once you’ve chopped you can’t stop ,” Fearne Cotton once told her Instagram followers, and she certainly wasn’t kidding. While the Happy Place presenter has been sporting long blonde waves for several months now, it seems she couldn’t resist the allure of her classic blunt bob for autumn. With a little help from celebrity stylist Paul Percival, she got herself ready for balmy summer climes with a razor-sharp blunt bob, which just skimmed her chin and framed her face perfectly.

    “Old Percy scissor hands has been at it again. Thanks @paulpercivalhair best blunt bobber out there!” she wrote.

    No wonder, in less than an hour, the post had racked up a whopping 40,000 likes!

  • Karlie Kloss

    Another day, another beautiful bob haircut. Taking to Instagram, Karlie Kloss posted an image of her sleek and polished take on 2019’s biggest hair trend. She captioned it simply: “*cuts hair mid fashion week*.”

    Kloss, as fans of the supermodel will no doubt be aware, has worn her hair short on and off for much of her career. Her new chin-length cut, though, is her shortest ‘do yet – and Instagram is so here for it.

    “LITERALLY THE BEST,” wrote one fan in the comments.

    “Hot damn!” added another.

    And still one more said: “Wait, what? LOVE this!”

    Roll on another wave of people rushing to the salon requesting a bob, this time waving a photo of Karlie Kloss’ short style as #hairinspiration for their hairdresser…

  • Courteney Cox

    Courteney Cox recently paid a visit to George Northwood, the man behind Alexa Chung’s iconic bob and the person who styled Meghan Markle’s evening hair on her wedding day.

    Sharing her new look on Instagram, the caption read “Somebody had some free time today in London. Thanks @georgenorthwood and @sallynorthwood”

    The actor also had some subtle blonde highlights added, along with a grown-out fringe. We have no doubt this very hair cut is going to inspire a few similar hair cuts – us included. 

  • Selena Gomez

    Although she has experimented with blonde hair dye before, Selena Gomez is mostly known for her long, raven locks, which she tends to wear in an up-do on the red carpet. However, to mark the change in seasons, the star debuted a choppy fringe on her Instagram feed in September. It sits an inch or two above the shoulders, giving a seriously fresh look for the autumn.

    She shared it alongside another photo taken earlier this summer, showing her long hair tied up in a ponytail. Autumn is a popular time for getting the chop, so Gomez’s do will no-doubt inspire a few hair appointments this month.

  • Hailey Bieber

    If there’s one look we never expected Hailey Bieber to try, it was cutting off her signature beachy, blonde locks for a blunt, black bob. Having always been known for her California-girl aesthetic, this is totally new territory for the model and we love that she’s embracing something completely new.

    Bieber debuted the drastic change on her Instagram, giving no further explanation, and leaving her fans wanting more.

    As well as celebrity friends like Ashley Graham liking the post, Bieber’s followers have been commenting on how much a darker shade suits her. One Instagram user, for example, wrote: “Ooo the dark hair looks good!”

  • Ciara

    Ciara loves to experiment with her hair, sporting everything from voluminous, waist-length curls to a super sleek high pony tail, but this chic bob could be one of our favourite looks on her yet. Not only does the style look effortless (and so shiny), it’s a strong move, particularly with Ciara’s orange sports-luxe outfit.

    The singer posted this picture of her bob on her Instagram account, and of course, her followers have been going wild for it.

    “The BOB,” one social media user wrote, clearly very excited by Ciara’s new do. While another said: “Oh my god what a look!”

  • Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams

    The Oscar-nominated actor might be famous for her platinum blonde pixie cut but she appears to be growing it out. As she treads the awards red carpets in 2020, fans have noticed that the actor’s hair now falls in a sharp and sleek bob, sitting just below her chin.

  • Leighton Meester

    For a while now, Leighton Meester has been rocking platinum blonde locks or a lightly balayaged crop. But a recent trip to the hairdresser has changed that, with Meester returning to the dark, rich chocolate brown colour of her most iconic Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf. (The only thing missing was a Blair Waldorf-approved headband.)

    Celebrity hairdresser Justin Anderson, beloved of actors including Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot and Miley Cyrus, helped Meester go back to her dark roots, while a separate hairdresser gave her hair a trim into a perfect choppy bob, just in time for summer. 

  • Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Bullock has been sporting long bronde (that’s not blonde, not brunette, but somewhere really pretty in between) tresses for a while now. However, the Hollywood star debuted a new look at the 2019 ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, where she presented Megan Rapinoe and the United States Women’s National Team with the award for Best Team. 

    We’re talking, of course, about that lob (long bob), which she’d teased into messy layered waves that hung around her face and just brushed her shoulders. We’re particular fans of that oh-so-chic chocolate shade and caramel highlights combo: ideal for summer.

  • Kerry Washington

    Kerry Washington decided to debut her blunt bob at Cannes 2019, and gave her fans some serious #shorthairgoals in the process.

    “Beautiful,” wrote one.

    Another added: “Amazing – I need to go short!”

  • Reese Witherspoon

    Last year, Reese Witherspoon shared a boomerang from the salon of celebrity stylist Lona Vigi.

    “Thanks for my new summer cut,” the Big Little Lies star captioned the video, which saw her flicking her blunt bob – cut to fall just below her shoulders, with plenty of texture and minimal layers – back and forth.

    The look proved a hit with fans, with one writing: “That’s my favourite style!”

    Another added: “Awww, I love it Reese.”

    Anyone else have a feeling that plenty of folks will be rushing to their own hairdresser with Witherspoon’s Instagram post in hand as #shorthair inspiration? 

  • Lily James

    From Mamma Mia to Cinderella, she’s had long blonde waves in pretty much every big screen venture she’s been in so far. However, last year, Lily James confirmed that she’d cut her hair into a short, blunt bob – and her new ‘do is effortlessly cool.

    “Chopped it off,” she captioned the post. “Thank you to my gorgeous glam team!”

  • Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba’s long, honey blonde hair is part of her signature look. But now, the actress has decided to switch up her hair in time for the holidays. Alba debuted her new blunt lob while walking the grey carpet at the Baby2Baby gala, an evening that aims to raise money for children living in poverty. Los Angeles-based hair stylist Jesus Guerrero was behind the chic chop and accessorised Alba’s new hair with a headband adorned with white pearls.

  • Naomi Watts

    Naomi Watts has always been happy to experiment with her hair, so it makes sense that she decided to go for the chop ahead of 2019’s Tribeca Film Festival.

    Taking to Instagram Stories, the Hollywood star unveiled a glamorous new blunt bob, which had been chopped to follow her jawline perfectly.

    “New haircut,” she said, showing her mini-mane off from all angles. “Kind of loving the short hair!”

    Us too, Naomi. Us too.

  • Sarah Hyland

    Sarah Hyland is never afraid to experiment with her hair. In the past, she’s experimented with blonde waves and sleek lobs. Her newest look, though, is one of our favourites: think a deep chestnut brown bob, cut into shaggy layers and finished off with a sweeping side fringe.

    “New hair, who dis?” she captioned the first photograph of her new look on Instagram.

    Is anyone else getting major Joan Jett vibes?

  • Irina Shayk

    Irina Shayk swapped up her long choppy bob for a short, blunt, poker-straight number at the 2019 Oscars.Closer inspection shows her hair has been chopped clean to the nape of the neck in the back, and graduates to just past chin-length in front, which allows for that sleek A-line silhouette.

  • Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron’s long blonde tresses have provided us with beachy hair inspiration for years, so the actress left many shocked when she debuted a luxe rich brunette bob at the 2019 Academy Awards. Apparently, her stylist Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir) took inspiration from two iconic 70s films: Michelle Pfeiffer’s sleek and beveled bob in Scarface and Julie Christie’s iconic asymmetrical bob in Shampoo. Regardless of the hair muse, though, there’s no denying that this blunt, side-swept look is serious bob goals.

  • Chrissy Teigen

    Chrissy Teigen gave her hair a shake-up for September 2019, swapping her mermaid-length locks for a short, textured bob cut. And yes, she may have debuted her shorter hairstyle on the red carpet at the 70th Primetime Creative Arts Emmys, but we got our first proper look at her own unique take on the bob style at the launch of her kitchen collaboration with Target. Anyone else suspect that this is going to bethe ‘new short’ hairstyle of the season?

  • Lana Condor

    Condor is the star of the Netflix smash hit To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, possibly the most perfect rom-com of the last few years. In that film, her hair – long, thick, raven-black and impossibly shiny – was so striking that it almost felt like a character in itself.

    Now, though, Condor has lopped off her hair into a laid-back textured bob hairstyle that frames her face perfectly. On Instagram, the actor revealed that the unexpected short haircut is for her role in upcoming 80s action-thriller TV series Deadly Class

  • Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner has spent the last few years dyeing her hair red for her role as Sansa Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

    So, while she has been sporting long blonde locks recently, the actress decided to celebrate the show’s big finale with a stylish new tousled bob hairstyle.

    Her new stylish shoulder length-hair bob cut is providing fans with serious lob inspiration, and she has dyed it a very Mother of Dragons-esque icy blonde.

    Turner shared a snap of her new style on Instagram, and captioned it: “New beginnings, new #WellaHair!

    “Thank you @sonyadove and @cwoodhair for transforming my look with @wellahairusa. #AskForWella #ad.”

  • Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke has joined the bob brigade and chopped her long ‘do into a blunt, middle-parted short hairstyle.

    While originally relying on a hairpiece to create the icy aesthetic for her role as Khaleesi in Game of Thrones, Clarke took the plunge and gave her hair the authentic peroxide treatment. Unsurprisingly, the bleach caused some serious damage, and now she’s had to rescue it with a short haircut.

    “This new bob is the chicest way to style out some burnt out mother of dragons split ends…#everypunintended #whenyourendslooklikeawildlingsitstimetochop,” Clarke wrote on Instagram.

    Created by celebrity stylist Jenny Cho, the elegant but low-maintenance short bob cut is ideal for the incoming summer weather. 

  • Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis has never been afraid to experiment with her hair in the past: in the past, she’s switched up her brunette tresses with waves, straighteners, highlights and, of course, a pair of scissors.

    Now, though, she’s debuted a new take on the classic short bob cut, opting for a chic angled look that is much shorter than any hairstyle she has had in the past.

    In a similar fashion to Victoria Beckham’s classic “Pob”, the cut is longer in the front (just slightly clearing her shoulders) and shorter in the back, framing her face and giving her tresses more movement and texture than a classic bob might.

    The result? A fresh new short hair look, ideal for summery climes. We have a feeling that Kunis’ new style may inspire more than one person to book an appointment with their hairdresser this weekend…

  • Leighton Meester

    Best known for her stand-out turn in Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester’s chestnut tresses are almost as iconic as the ever-stylish Serena’s wardrobe. Now, though, she has switched up her hair look in a big way with a bold cut and colour.

    “Having a blonde moment,” she captioned a shot of her new blonde hairstyle on Instagram.

    In an interview with People Style shortly after undergoing the seven-hour dye job, Meester said she was thrilled about the drastic change.

    “I don’t even feel comfortable saying that I just went blonde. It is a totally different colour of hair! But I love it” she shared.

    “I’ve had long, natural hair for a long time. The length it got to felt like the exact opposite of what I wanted to go for. I really felt like something that was a stark difference would be invigorating and fun.

    “I like to try different things and experiment. So when I wanted to change my hair, I just thought, ‘I should just completely go for it!’”

  • Zooey Deschanel

    Zooey Deschanel has, for as long as we can remember, kept her hair long. But the New Girl star took to Instagram earlier this week to debut a drastic new look: a blunt lob that hits right above her shoulders.

    Naturally, though, she kept things familiar with her signature fringe in place with the short bob hairstyle.

    “Meant to post this weeks ago: thanks @mararoszak for my big time hair cut!” the actress captioned her selfie. 

  • Blake Lively mid-length bob

    Blake Lively is famed for her long beachy waves, so fans were stunned when she stepped out at the Open Road Films special screening of All I See Is You in Los Angeles with a long bob. Just brushing her shoulders, the style featured a deep side parting and screamed old Hollywood glamour. However, there’s a chance it could be a clever faux lob, created with curling tongs and wizardry – especially as she was seen the previous day with her usual long locks.

  • Lauren Conrad

    Lauren Conrad has always been famed for her long blonde tresses, but the former The Hills star unveiled a short and choppy new bob for winter 2017.

    Her hairdresser, Kristin Ess, shared a photo of Conrad’s new very short hairstyle on Instagram, writing: “Last week we travelled three years back in time and returned to the chop that kicked off my bob and lob obsession on my original queen. #ClearTheShoulders.”

    It’s certainly a chic twist on the lob: think lots of choppy layers, beachy waves and shimmering golden highlights.

  • Jenna Dewan short bob

    Dewan has had long to mid-length hair for a while, but she recently went short. The Step Up actress shared a post-chop photo on Instagram Stories, showing her dark locks cut into a wavy bob with golden ombré highlights.

    It’s a look that hits the ideal sweet spot between blunt and relaxed – and if you’ve already screenshotted this picture to show your hairdresser, we can guarantee you’re not alone.

  • Caroline Flack short bob

    Caroline Flack’s sun-kissed waves were the envy of many a Love Island viewer, but the TV presenter decided to switch up her look in time for autumn 2017. Chopping her locks into a chic chin-length bob, she also coloured them a deep, rich chestnut brown colour, too. 

  • Sarah Jessica Parker bob

    Sarah Jessica Parker has always been bold when it comes to her fashion choices, but, when it comes to her hair, she tends to stick with a tried-and-tested formula (think long, wavy, and sun-kissed tresses). So, understandably, we were pretty surprised when the Sex and the City star hit the streets of New York with a chic ash-blonde bob this week. It’s unclear as to whether or not SJP’s makeover is for her new romantic drama Best Day of My Life, or just a brand-new look for the summer. Either way, we have a feeling that her new mini-mane may inspire a few of her fans to go for the chop too…

  • Selena Gomez short bob

    This isn’t the first time that Selena Gomez has worn her dark hair short, but it is her most dramatic – and edgiest – cut to date.

    The singer, mental health awareness advocate and 13 Reasons Why producer posted a photo of her choppy, Nineties-inspired bob on Instagram, where she has more followers than any other account. 

    The caption was left intentionally blank, allowing the photos to speak for themselves.

  • Olivia Wilde short bob

    Olivia Wilde’s long brunette tresses have always inspired hair envy among her fans. But, in February 2017, the actor decided that it was time for a change – a big one.

    Cue an edgy platinum bob, with a unique ombré twist.

    The Vinyl actress shared a photo of her new ‘do on Instagram, and captioned her look: “Oh what’s up, BLONDE LIFE?”

  • Katie Piper short bob

    The campaigner and businesswoman has never been shy about trying out different hair colours, but Katie Piper rarely veers away from her trademark long locks.

    However, in the winter of 2016, she decided it was well and truly time for a change. And, speaking at the Military Awards in London, Piper admitted that her new bob had been a spur of the moment decision.

    “[I cut it off] yesterday, in my kitchen – with no mirror in front of me,” she said.

    Adding that she was a huge fan of the sleek asymmetric style, which sits neatly at her jaw-line, Piper finished by saying: “My friend did it for me – it’s kind of like, really short.”

  • Kendall Jenner long bob

    Kendall Jenner’s long sleek locks have long been her trademark, but this summer the model decided it was time for a change.

    Chopping her hair into a shoulder-skimming bob, Kendall has been rocking tousled waves, messy beach hair (her proximity to Malibu helps with this no end) and topknots, proving that a dramatic cut doesn’t have to mean less versatility.

  • Cara Delevingne long bob

    Cara Delevingne’s beauty look has always revolved around those iconic eyebrows and her flowing golden tresses, but the model-turned-actress decided to bid ‘so long’ to her long locks this week.

    And, after teasing the big chop on Instagram, it wasn’t long before the Suicide Squad star was stepping out at San Diego’s Comic Con 2016 to show it off in person.

    Her choppy shoulder-length bob was left tousled and relaxed, styled simply with a sweeping side parting – and it definitely seems as if the supermodel is a big fan of her new look.

    “Thank you for the [chop],” she told her hairdressing team on Instagram.

  • Vanessa Hudgens mid-length bob

    Vanessa Hudgens, of High School Musical fame, is best known for rocking long flowing mermaid locks. But, earlier this summer, the actress removed her waist-length extensions in favour of a shoulder-skimming bob.

    While many may think of the bob haircut as a sleek and precise haircut, Vanessa has added her own fresh boho twist to the style, keeping her natural tousled waves centre stage. We love it.

  • Emma Roberts mid-length bob

    Emma Roberts opted for a dramatic change in June when she stepped out on the red carpet with a chic blonde bob. It’s a very different look from her former flowing copper tresses, but there’s no denying that she looks incredible.

  • Eva Longoria long bob

    Shortly after her wedding in June, Eva Longoria – better known to Desperate Housewives fans as Gabrielle Solis – showcased a sleek shoulder-length bob. The honey-blonde highlights lift her look, adding texture, depth and some serious gloss, making her ‘lob’ feel perfectly on-trend for summer.

  • Adele long bob

    For years Adele has rocked a big, bouncy blow-dry. Much like her almond-shaped nails and dramatic feline flick, it was a part of her beauty uniform. But not any more. On X-Factor 2015 she debuted a chic, straightened, long bob – and she hasn’t looked back since. 

  • Emma Watson short bob

    Emma Watson is no stranger to short hair, opting for a dramatic new hairdo was at the end of the Harry Potter film franchise with a pixie crop. And, last year, she did away with her long brunette tresses again, swapping them up for a wavy bob instead. 

    The star’s publicist took to Twitter to reveal her new look at the time, saying: “Amazing woman. Amazing new hair.”

  • Emilia Clarke mid-length bob

    Emilia Clarke

    After revealing her new cropped hair on Instagram, the Game Of Thrones star hit the red carpet in Berlin to show off her locks in person. It was very different from the Mother of Dragons’ flowing blonde tresses, but her timeless style went down a storm with fans all over the world.

  • Mindy Kaling short bob

    Mindy Kaling said goodbye to her long locks in favour of a shorter crop back in 2015. 

    Alongside an Instagram post of her new look by celebrity hair stylist Christopher Naselli, the actress and comedian wrote: “Short hair don’t care. Just a girl in her housedress drinking mini bar vodka, getting ready to go to her book publisher’s party. Thanks @cnaselli for the dreamy cut.”

    Image: Instagram

  • Kim Kardashian long bob

    We couldn’t believe our eyes when Kim chopped her long black locks off last year – and, since then, she’s been sported everything from waist-length hair to peroxide blonde curls. But we have to say we have a soft spot for her shorter, more grown-up, bob hairstyle of old. 

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley long bob

    The model showed off a shorter do back in 2015, with celebrity hairdresser George Northwood doing the honours and getting rid of her trademark blonde tresses in favour of a sleeker style.

  • Jourdan Dunn short bob

    The British model cut off about a foot of hair for the chic new do, which she revealed at the 2014 VMAs. She softened it with ombre dye.

  • Rita Ora short bob and fringe

    Though the singer’s hair length changes by week, we loved it when she ditched her extensions for a blunt and angled bob back in 2014.

  • Jennifer Lawrence short hair

    Following her drastic pixie cut in 2013, the Hunger Games actress grew her beachy blonde hair into a loose and wavy bob.

  • Lena Dunham short bob

    “Change is good,” wrote the Girls star on Instagram after she reshaped her short hair and dyed it platinum bold.

  • Emma Stone short bob

    From ombre layers to chic red crop: Emma Stone kick-started the shorter hair trend at the Venice Film Festival 2014.

  • Michelle Williams short bob

    Michelle Williams looked beautiful with a pixie crop, but, when she grew her mini-mane out into a bob for May 2014, we were blown away. She looked phenomenal, didn’t she?

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