Olivia Culpo’s Makeup Artist Reveals How To Get A Dramatic Eye Makeup While Wearing A Face Mask

Just because we’re all stuck wearing face masks during quarantine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your glam & celeb makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, shared with HL exclusively, how to achieve the perfect eye makeup look!

Wearing face masks to protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus pandemic has been our new normal. While the bottom half of our faces are covered up, luckily, you can still make a bold statement with a pretty eyeshadow look. Olivia Culpo’s, 28, makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the seven steps you should follow to achieve a stunning eye makeup look to wear with your mask, in no time. As for the best eye makeup look to wear with your mask, Vincent admitted, “My favorite makeup look I’ve seen that I think suits a lot of different eye shapes is the winged eyeliner look.”

To achieve a gorgeous eye makeup look, follow Vincent’s seven steps below:

1. “When eyes are red, I love to start the eye makeup look off with LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops. LUMIFY creates the perfect bright-eyed canvas for any makeup look I’m creating by making the eyes look more vibrant.“

2. “Get your brows right! I recommend the Maybelline brow ultra slim to define and fill in your brows. I love a fuller brow look so I start at the arch, go against the grain towards your nose to create your shape, and then use the brush on the other end to feather the brows. I finish the look off by adding strokes to the outer corner in the direction your brow hairs grow.

3. “Define your shape using a kajal pencil, I recommend the kajal ink artist from Shiseido in teahouse. It’s a great warm brown and allows you to find your perfect eyeliner shape before you commit to using your liquid eyeliner.”

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4. “Keep pointed cotton swabs nearby with micellar water. I recommend the Garnier Micellar water to carve out and sharpen your winged liner shape.

5. “Trace over your pencil using your favorite black liquid liner. My current favorite is the Maybelline hyper easy liquid eyeliner.

6. “Generously apply mascara to your top lashes. I recommend the Nars climax mascara.

7. “Finish with a long-wearing concealer under your eyes. My recommendation is the Shiseido synchro skin self-refreshing concealer. You ideally want something that will give you coverage without transferring to your mask constantly. I love this concealer because it refreshes itself as you wear it throughout the day.”

As for Vincent’s other tips and tricks for looking your best while wearing a mask, he revealed, “A little beige liner goes a very long way in your waterline, it can make your eyes look double their size sometimes.”

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