Over 13,900 Amazon Shoppers Recommend Preserving Your Skincare Products in This Discounted Mini Fridge

Vegetables aren’t the only things that benefit from refrigeration: Skincare products — like your vitamin C serums, retinoids, water-based lotions, and gels — also last longer in the fridge. Before you transport your products from your vanity to your kitchen fridge, Amazon shoppers suggest trying the convenient Astroal Mini Fridge, a dedicated skincare cooling system that’s on sale for $39. 

The best-selling mini fridge is small enough for tight spaces, but spacious enough to house up to 4 liters or six 12-ounce cans. It can dip down to 32-degrees Fahrenheit to keep products chilled or even warm up to 150- degrees Fahrenheit if needed. Customers love that it’s portable, quiet, and cools or heats up quickly.

AstroAI mini fridge

Shop Now: $39 ($46); amazon.com

One shopper writes: “I use this for my skincare products and I’m obsessed, I may just need a second one because it works so well I started to put all my beauty products in it. Ten out of 10 recommend, especially for skincare products, my serums all apply flawlessly now, my jade roller feels amazing, and the fridge fits perfect on my vanity.”

In addition to storing skincare products, working moms love that this doubles as a convenient place to store pumped breast milk. They keep it at their desk so they have easy access while at the office.  

Despite the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews — over 13,900, to be exact — you may be wondering if there’s any real benefit to keeping your skincare products in the fridge,  especially if you haven’t noticed your products expiring ahead of time. According to dermatologists, the answer is yes. Along with maintaining the shelf life, the cooling temperatures can help your products work better. 

 “I’m a big fan of cooling products,” Dr. Mona Gohara from Yale School of Medicine tells InStyle. “The low temps act as an anti-inflammatory — think putting on an ice pack after an ankle twist. An extra benefit of chilling is constricting blood vessels which brings down puffiness especially around the eyes.”

Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Mount Sinai Dept of Dermatology adds that keeping products in cool climates can increase their longevity.

“People pay a lot of money for their products,” she said, “And ensuring they stay stable and effective over time is incredibly important.” 

If you’re wondering why you can’t just store your products in your normal fridge — aside from the fact that it’s a big unhygienic — Dr. Nazarian points out that “keeping [products] in your food fridge makes it harder to use, because you have to schlep over to the kitchen, and this tends to decrease compliance for many patients. People want their skincare products all in the same area. A seamless, easy, quick skin care regimen is one that most people will continue to adhere to in the long run. These fridges give you the best of both worlds: stable ingredients, easy to access.”

If you’re ready to make the most of your beauty products, grab the Astroal Mini Fridge on sale at Amazon, now. 

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