Prank Your Best Friend By Getting a Temporary Tattoo of Their Face

I recently told my family that if our self-quarantine lasted throughout the summer, my next big purchase for the house would be a tattoo gun. Nobody thought it was funny except for me, which is about how all jokes are going in the current climate. And fine, trying to tattoo myself at home is probably an awful idea. But there’s an itch for it—to do something fun, to change up my look, to bring some newness into my day that isn’t another bread recipe.

Getting a real tattoo might be off the table for now (in most states, anyway) but one artist came up with the next best thing: hand-drawn temporary tattoos. France-based Lise Grossmann Olivier Lebrun runs a shop on Etsy—Lilimandrill—where she turns portraits of people into hand-drawn masterpieces, including those temporary tats.

These tattoos have range. You can do one person, two people, captioned, named, or not. They are regularly made for bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as weddings and other fun events we can’t have right now. But people are getting creative with recreating those events, hosting Zoom bachelor parties and live streaming weddings. Getting all would-be guests hooked up with matching tattoos is a fun way to keep a bit of the tradition alive.

The process is easy: Pick the item you want (if you’re not into the temporary tattoos, they also make stamps and accessories), and send through the image you want sketched. Lebrun will illustrate it out from there. It’s $99 for 10 tattoos, and that price varies depending on how many you want. Give it a few weeks and you’ll have all the temporary tattoos of your dreams. That is, until the at-home tattoo kit arrives.

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