Prepare to see 'expensive blonde' hair everywhere in 2022

If you’re thinking about switching up your hair, there’s plenty of inspiration floating around.

From the French bob and the Bixie cut to mermaid waves, there are so many different 2022 hair trends to choose from.

But if it’s an exciting new colour that you’re after, ‘expensive blonde’ is the shade that’s everywhere right now.

Jessica Alba (who is known for her chocolate locks) is the latest celebrity to opt for the colour – following in the footsteps of Chrishell Stause, Vogue Williams and more.

But we should expect to see lots more of it – according to Nicole Petty, a hair expert at Milk + Blush.

She tells ‘A change in season can bring on a need for a hair makeover and it seems this spring, the latest hair craze is “expensive blonde.”

‘Expensive blonde is a trend that attracts attention, but for all the right reasons.’ what makes it different from other blonde tones?

Unlike icy or platinum shades, expensive blonde leans towards warmer and deeper tones – for a natural, sun-kissed look.

And, as the name suggests, it’s supposed to look expensive.

Nicole explains that it actually follows in the footsteps of a popular hair colour from last year.

She continues: ‘This look is all about adding dimension and subtle contrast.

‘Derived from the term “expensive brunette,” which became popular in 2021, expensive blonde is a warmer shade, which appears more luxurious.

‘To achieve this style, hairdressers are creating a soft take on blonde locks, without adding too many contrasting shades – unlike the “money pieces” that became popular again last year.

‘Instead, they’re working on making the hair look more subtle and inviting by blending warm and cool tones mixed with highlights and lowlights for a natural look that requires less maintenance.’

Also, due to its multi-dimensional properties, Nicole says the colour will suit a number of skin tones.

She stresses: ‘It’s perfect for anyone who has been wanting to go blonde but has been too nervous to take the plunge – as expensive blonde can start with a warmer base, shade such as honey or golden, which stops it from appearing too streaky or overdone.’

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