Princess Charlotte’s family traits completely divide fans – see photo

Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s daughter Princess Charlotte divides royal fans who can’t agree on who she looks like with a new comparison post on Instagram.

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The royal fan account, @royal.monarchies posted an image of the young Princess on Wednesday and they compared it to a series of images of her relatives. The Instagram users couldn’t agree on her resemblance, can you?

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Charlotte’s face was compared to her great grandmother the Queen, the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret, daughter of Princess Margaret Lady Sarah Chatto, Charlotte’s late grandmother Princess Diana and her own father, Prince William.

One fan penned: “Diana’s mouth. William’s eyes,” while another said: “She looks a lot like Elizabeth and Sarah.”

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Princess Charlotte was compared to her relatives 

A third added: “She is the image of her great grandmother the Queen when she was young… truly a royal young lady.”

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Another user enquired why Kate Middleton, Charlotte’s own mother wasn’t on the list of options, writing: “Her mom, I don’t understand why she is not an option.”

The Princess is six years old

The post received over 3,000 likes and royal fans clearly enjoyed the fun guessing game.

Eagled-eyed users will notice that Charlotte is called ‘Lottie’ on the post and there is some truth in this nickname as it is believed that the informal shortened version, Lottie, is used while at home with her parents William and Kate. Cute!

The energetic six-year-old enjoys gymnastics and also has a passion for animals as we have learnt over the years.  

Charlotte enjoys a range of active hobbies 

During her parents’ tour of Ireland, her mother Kate spoke out about her liking for the sport of gymnastics. Kate said: “Charlotte is really into gymnastics, she’s doing cartwheels, handstands, everything. It’s so good for their basic skills of balance and coordination.”

We know she’s also a keen horse rider, having started riding the animals when she was just 17 months old!



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