Rugrats Nails, Nail Art, Cartoon-Inspired Manicure, Nickelodeon

Good news, ’90s babies! We’ve seen lots of nail trends this season, but none have caught our eye quite like this one. That’s right! Rugrats nails are here and they’re just as perfectly nostalgic as you’d imagine.

This nail trend comes to you courtesy of British Columbia-based nail artist, Lana Sheen, and we are SHOOK! Take a look:

We know what you’re thinking: how did she do it? Well, Lana actually handpainted the entire thing, which means that all of the characters you see, including Tommy, Angelica, Reptar, and even Spike, were done with extreme care and focus.

Although we don’t understand how, The Rugrats were not everyone’s cup of tea growing up. Some people stuck to the Disney classics, while others were more into the hit PBS show, Arthur. Well, for those people, Lana experimented with some other manicures, and — no surprise here — they look AWESOME! See?

Normally, we’d encourage you to try these nails for yourself, but TBH, it’s safe to say the average person is NOT this good at painting. Still, there’s no harm in trying, so find a friend to be your test subject and get going on the ’90s nails of your dreams!

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