Selena Gomez Debuts A New Curly Shag And It Is So ’70s Chic

Selena Gomez’s new album Rare has been a chart topper. What’s not so rare is the singer switching up her hairstyle. Lately, the "Lose You To Love Me" artist has had everything from caramel ombre locks to wispy bangs. Now, Selena Gomez’s new curly shag marks another look that will have fans scrambling for their curling wands.

Gomez revealed the new ’70s-inspired cut in a series of Instagram photos posted to her feed. The new style features shaggy layers that seem to have removed inch or two from her existing length. The new wispier cut adds more texture to the large voluminous curls that now circle the singer’s face. Her curtain bangs she debuted back in December are still part of the look, but they have been given the same mussed texture to blend with the shag. Like the bangs, Gomez has also retained the caramel highlights she has had for the past several weeks making the look a mix of vintage disco vibes and modern color.

Gomez, however, isn’t the first to test this throwback head of curls. The style is reminiscent of a look that Jennifer Lopez wore in November. Hairstylist Chris Appleton gave the Superbowl performer a similar head of natural curls that resulted in a string a fire emojis and praise hands on his Instagram account.

The vintage styles of both Gomez and Lopez may center around curls and texture, but the women aren’t alone in embracing old school styles. In fact, a new trend seems to be emerging of revisiting classic cuts.

Alongside the two singers, Miley Cyrus’ mullet also marks a return to long lost looks. Just after the new year, the "Slide Away" artist chopped her hair into what she and hairstylist Sally Hershberger dubbed the "modern mullet." While the style doesn’t feature the curls of Gomez’s shag, both certainly callback looks.

While more old school ‘dos could make their comebacks, Gomez’s curly shag marks a welcome return to ’70s style.

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