The Best Concealer I've Ever Used Isn't Even a Concealer

The Best Concealer I’ve Ever Used Isn’t Even a Concealer

Not too long ago, a makeup artist introduced me to a product that would change my daily routine forever. While I have normal-to-combination skin, my eyelids would consistently get oily, causing any eye shadow (no matter how pricey) to cake up in the crease of my lids. I got so used to this that I had just stopped wearing eye shadow entirely — then I found the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($22).

I had been doing taped segments for POPSUGAR three times a week, and eye makeup was a must. Whatever the makeup artist was using on my lids was a miracle; everything was staying put until the evening. When I asked what she was applying, she revealed the Paint Pot. She had been using the Painterly shade as a primer, but it also serves as a standalone eye shadow.

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