The MAC x Harris Reed Collection Is A Stunning Treat For Harry Styles Fans

Anything even tangentially related to Harry Styles is super important news, IMO, especially when it comes to the singer’s style. While the "Golden" singer doesn’t appear to have any plans to enter the beauty world at the moment, someone close to him does, which is good enough for me. MAC Cosmetics and Harris Reed are dropping a collection. Reed’s name probably rings a bell as an incredibly talent fashion designer — a favorite of Styles who’s worn Reed’s creations on numerous occasions, (You’ll remember Styles’ larger-than-life hoop skirt and suit outfit from his Vogue cover shoot.) The designer is also known for dressing celebrities like Troye Sivan and Solange Knowles for the red carpet. But now, the Reed is bringing their keen eye for style and beauty to MAC Cosmetics makeup collection.

A scroll through Reed’s Instagram will show you they’re no stranger to using beauty products in bright, innovative ways. Their love of multi-colored eyelids and rosy blushes is evident from one look at the line. “Harris has curated a range of products based on their updated vision of glam rock and dandyish dressing,” Terry Barber, the director of makeup artistry at MAC, said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. The collection is the perfect mix of the graphic glam rock look with a Rococo, Victorian color palette. (Honestly, it sounds right up Styles’ alley.) The MAC x Harris Reed Collection will include three lipsticks, a nine-pan eyeshadow palette, two cream color bases, and an eyeliner pencil. It’ll drop exclusively on MAC’s website come Feb. 18 and is priced between $20 to $35.

Alongside its drool-worthy levels of gorgeous, this collection, at its core, celebrates fluidity and self-expression. "This is for the little queer kid on the playground with his mother’s lipstick in his back pocket, nervous of fully being who I knew I could be," Reed wrote in an Instagram post announcing their new line. "If people take anything away from this collection, I’d like it to be that you can use these products to be exactly who you are."

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