This Black-Owned Brand's Hair Mask Had a 1,800-Person Waitlist – and It's Finally Back in Stock

I think I speak for everyone on the planet when I say, being told you can't have something makes you want it more than anything. Teenagers prove this every day, and they're not alone: When Bomba Curls' Dominican Forbidden Hair Mask sold out, the brand says over 1,800 people added their name to the waitlist (a double-hitter, "forbidden" in both name and access). And at long last, it's back. 

What earns the mask five stars from a full 84 percent of the people who've tried it on Nordstrom's website? According to the brand, the formula is infused with cinnamon, pistachio oil, and cupuacu butter to deeply penetrate hair and provide intense nourishment, while a "secret ingredient derived from Japan is the reason this mask locks in moisture like no other." Intriguing, especially because looking through the ingredient list, it's hard to put my finger on the mystery agent amongst the argan oil, coffee seed oil, oat kernel extract, and banana fruit extract.

Regardless, shoppers say the luxurious, buttery mask is all pros, no cons. One person writes that despite neglecting their hair for a month, upon deep conditioning with the mask, their curls started thriving. "I now use this mask every two weeks, and I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair. My curls are juicier, softer, and growing," they write of the $28 formula.

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That might be because castor oil-derived heptyl undecylenate is one of the top ingredients in the mask, so the hair growth-encouraging oil could be at work. Another shopper seconds the repairing experience: They write that after a couple of uses, their hair went from "a hot bed of tattered ends and edges" to healthy-looking, which renewed their optimism about growing and retaining length. 

Outside of the growth aspect, shoppers say the Afro-Dominicana-owned company's mask is "life-saving" for their thick, dry, and wavy hair, helping to restore natural curls and give them beautiful shine and bounce. Those with coils call the mask "amazing," since the high degree of slip makes detangling a breeze and leaves their hair super-soft, moisturized, and manageable. And people facing dry, itchy scalps write that after two weeks with Bomba's mask, their scalp feels excellent. 

"I absolutely love this hair mask. My curls have never before looked so healthy," one person writes, decreeing it a must-have for curly hair. They continue: "[It] leaves my hair feeling so soft and bouncy, and oh my goodness, it smells delicious." The scent is a huge hit amongst shoppers and their family, according to another reviewer who says their husband noticed it immediately, despite it not being overwhelming. 

With pistachio oil and cinnamon, it sounds as good as ice cream — but not even ice cream gives us good hair days, so the mask might in fact come out on top. Fighting words! Get it at Nordstrom for $28.   

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