This Brooklyn-Based Spa Proved The Perfect Self-Care Date For Me And My Boo

“Bring your swim trunks,” is all I told my date when I told him to be ready at 4:30 p.m. Unfortunately, because I spent my Valentine’s Day on a delayed six-hour flight coming back from Los Angeles, I spent the bulk of the lover’s day in an aisle seat. However, one thing about me, I find great joy in spoiling my man.

His face puzzled, my date for the evening and I pulled up to a building with scaffold all around it. He had no idea where we were at, but he did manage to catch that we were in Brooklyn and not too far away from where I grew up in Sumner Projects. After asking for our IDs and vaccination cards, the receptionist handed us robes, towels and flip-flops. I asked him if he knew where we were now. “A spa,” he responded as his eyes lit up. We both work demanding jobs — with himself in software development and myself as a journalist, self-care is something that we can absolutely implement more into our daily schedules.

As someone who prefers to gift people with experiences rather than a one-off gift, I thought there would be no better way to spend the evening than going back to Body By Brooklyn.

Though I hadn’t been at BBB since my first CBD massage a few months ago, I had a vivid memory of how the venue was set up. Only this time, the lights were dimmed down low and the music was softer to set the mood for the Valentine’s Day Romance Package. Going on until February 20, Body By Brooklyn’s V-Day package is all-inclusive of Wet and Dry Lounge amenities, a bar, and a full-service menu for unlimited hours before or after your service. “Our Valentine’s Day packages are for our clients to embrace the love for their partners and love for themselves. We realize that this year is still a trying time for some so we wanted to give them a luxurious experience right in the heart of Brooklyn,” Body By Brooklyn owner Terrance Spriggs tells me about the V-Day packages in-store for customers.

Spriggs continues, “When you have a clear mind, you are better able to communicate your feelings and emotions. We want partners to be able to share intimate time with one another so they can be relaxed and reconnect. Some haven’t had time to share in quiet moments in a relaxing environment to pamper themselves. This is just a part of the equation that brings them closer to one another.”

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Once I met my date on the other side of the locker rooms our black robes on and nothing more than bathing suits underneath, we were offered glasses of champagne. We found ourselves sitting in the corner of the plush cabanas in the Dry Lounge while we took a sip of the rose champagne and enjoyed the silence between us. No hustle and bustle of the city, no co-workers, no drama – just us, some champs, and the comfort of our company. Within ten minutes, Sha came to get us. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because this was the same massage therapist I had the first time I went to Body By Brooklyn. I knew immediately that I would be in good hands. We were led to a couples massage room where there were three candles in the corner, a massage table, and the perfect medley of R&B music on the speakers. After undressing and cozying ourselves under the blankets of our respective tables, we let the smooth sounds of Ella Mai, Aaliyah, and Sade take us into a trance as the smell of vanilla wafted its way through my nostrils.

“Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment known for promoting health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life. When setting up for a couples massage romance is definitely the vibe we are going for. Candles, dim lighting, good music, and a fragrance that will bring it all together,” Body By Brooklyn massage therapist Latavia tells me via email. “Vanilla was chosen because it stimulates a romantic feeling while relaxing the mind, and reducing inflammation in the body.”

According to Sha, long-term benefits of aromatherapy include insomnia, stress, and anxiety reduction, skin protection from pathogens, immune system support, smoother and softer skin texture, and enhancing libido. “Some people like to think of love as sweetness and vanilla’s sweet-smelling aroma makes it’s a perfect choice to use for a couple’s massages. One of the long-term benefits of using vanilla essential oils is to help boost our libido, which is a great natural subtle way to promote intimacy between two people. The goal for these couple’s massages is for both people to experience a touch that will make them want to caress all over each other as soon as they get home,” Sha continues.

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After 60 minutes of pure unbothered bliss, my date and I headed to the wet lounge to indulge in conversation over the rest of our champagne. While I watched him submerge himself under the jacuzzi jets in the Wet Lounge, a BBB staff member came to escort us to our next destination – the VIP Lounge. Once we entered the room, both of our jaws were on the floor. The dim lights, romantic rose petals scattered all over the hot tub, and fully served Thai food for our hunger needs. Did I forget to mention that there was a full bottle of champagne on ice waiting for us? It was absolutely stunning in every way possible.

“Our VIP Suite is one of our spa highlights for those that want the ultimate experience in luxury and relaxation. Our clients love the privacy the most. They are nestled away in a world of their own where they can experience their private steam shower, thermal hot tub, couches, jumbo size television, candles, roses, butler service, state-of-the-art sound system, and more. It’s a great experience,” Spriggs describes to me. “BBB is a place where folks can find their escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It’s a place where they can receive peace of mind. We offer a sanctuary that includes a wet lounge and dry lounge that is much larger than most spas in our area. We pride ourselves in being advocates for mental and physical wellness as well.”

As we fed each other chocolates in the tub and watched 21 Jump Street, I was reminded that moments like these were priceless. While roses, a whiskey glass, or anything else that men may like would be nice, I wanted to give someone who deserves me and my time an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you, Body By Brooklyn, for a Valentine’s Day that we’ll never forget.

To book your Valentine’s Day package, head to Body By Brooklyn’s official website or call 718-923-9400. Prices start at $310.

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