This is the most googled haircut right now

Hairdressers have noticed an increase in requests for French bobs.

There’s something about a bob haircut that just screams chic. The shoulder-skimming hairstyle skyrocketed into popularity over the last year and celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez, have recently gotten the chop. But now, a new form of the bob hairstyle is being highly requested, and it has even become the most Googled haircut of the moment. Enter: the French bob.

Shorter than your average bob, the French iteration is one that hairdressers are seeing an increase demand for. “Since my salon reopened, I’ve already had a few clients asking for the French bob or a slight interpretation of it,” says Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel.

“They were looking to do a big cut following lockdown and we went with this look, and they loved it. I did one client that we took bright pink with this style and it worked so well.”

So where did this stylish look come from? “The inspiration for the French bob comes from the 20s and 30s era,” explains Reed. “It reminds me of Louise Brooks – it has that sultry jazz singer feel. It’s sassy and elegant.”

As for the actual cut itself, it’s a fair bit shorter than the shoulder-length that bobs are usually associated with. “It is a sharp, outlined, chin-grazing bob and the point of the bob should hit the corner of the mouth,” adds Reed. “The fringe should sit just above the brow – slightly shorter than a usual fringe but still super chic.

“It’s such a great haircut to get right now as it’s a lovely move forward from the boyfriend bob we saw last year, it’s a really nice way of updating it.”

Depending on your hair type, some bobs can be high-maintenance but the great thing about the French bob is that it’s easy to style for everybody. “I recommend prepping the hair with L’Oréal Professionnel’s TECNI.ART Pli, £12.05, before blow-drying as this will give the hair a great moldable hold,” says Reed, before adding that you can finish with a hairspray for extra hold.

However, the main point to this hairstyle is to embrace your natural texture and allow it to sit however it wants, even if that’s a slightly messy fashion. It’s the style of the haircut itself that’s more important here.

Looking for some French bob inspiration? Look no further…

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